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Custom WordPress Development Services

We are a digital agency specializing in custom WordPress development services for companies of every scale, expertly crafting captivating websites that precisely align with their growth goals and target audience.

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Website Transformation Process

1. Consultation

Schedule a consultation with us where we learn about your business goals and create a custom plan for your organization’s website design.

2. Implement & Optimize

Our team will get to work and ensure that your new web design and brand will meet your business goals and engage your customers.

3. Grow Your Business

Launch marketing strategies with confidence knowing that your new and engaging marketing assets will efficiently drive more traffic towards conversion.

“Motion Tactic is the best team I have ever worked with on a website project. They took the time to learn what we wanted, lent their expertise and delivered a product beyond my expectations.”

Daniel Roche, Director of Marketing

WordPress website development services to meet your specific marketing needs

Our in-house development team, and our founder, are meticulous about the quality of our code. The results of that? Our websites are built fast, secure, easy to update, and maintainable. Custom WordPress development is crucial for a website as it allows tailored features, design, and functionality to meet specific business needs and provide a unique user experience.

Development Sprints

When WordPress development starts, our developers are working from complete designs to guide them. These designs are typically delivered in batches and the development team creates and deploys the batches to a staging server. Giving us the ability to test as we go.

Content Loading

If we’re replacing an existing website, it’s important that we account for all of the content that needs to be moved from the old website to the new. This process can be manual or automated depending on the amount and complexity of the content. Things like blog posts and inventory typically are easily migrated without any manual entry.


During the course of the project we continuously test the website on a staging server. We test for functionality, flexibility, and responsiveness. Our goal is that when we present a website to our clients there will be very little feedback because it is representative of the approved designs.


Because we are very thorough during the development process to continuously test, launching the website is a drama free process. On launch day we simply point your domain to the new website and re-test on the live server.

Expert Web Design and Development Team

Our team thrives on in-person collaboration and problem-solving. We’ve found our in-office team is also a benefit to our clients, as they can expect timely communication during normal business hours.

Everyone assigned to work with you will learn deeply about your business and develop lasting relationships with your team. You will likely work with a team member from each of our three key departments for your project.

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Our Services

Custom WordPress Development Services

We are a WordPress website design company who specializes in marketing websites, web applications, and digital strategy for companies that want to make a statement.

  • Custom WordPress Website Design
  • Custom WordPress Web Development
  • Sales Enablement Resources

Custom WordPress Website Design

You need a partner in the digital space that has the expertise to understand your business and help you reach your branding goals. To get there, we have developed a proven discovery, research, and design process that allows us to bring your vision into focus. Good design builds trust and ultimately produces results. Our B2B website design agency loves utilizing our creativity to help our customers set themselves apart from other businesses.

Key Skills: 

  • Research and Discovery
  • Moodboards
  • Wireframes
  • High-fidelity Web Design and Animation
  • ADA Compliance
  • Responsive Web Design

Custom WordPress Web Development

Our B2B website developers are heavily focused on stability and maintainability. We love to build digital products that can scale to fit your needs as you grow. Our developers work closely with our design team to make sure the final products will exceed your expectations.

Key Skills: 

  • Custom WordPress CMS Development
  • Integrations and API Development
  • Full Website QA process
  • Content Management
  • Website Security Best Practices
  • Launch & CMS training

Sales Enablement Resources

Keep your brand consistent across all customer touch-points. We design digital and print assets that keep your brand standards cohesive across all mediums. Prioritize creativity and take pride in your PDFs, decks, conference graphics, and product marketing materials.

Key Skills: 

  • Illustrations
  • Digital Ads
  • Live Event Materials & Stage Graphics
  • Pitch Deck, Presentation Slides & PDFs
  • Email and Social Graphics

“Motion Tactic is the best team I have ever worked with on a website project. They took the time to learn what we wanted, lent their expertise and delivered a product beyond my expectations.”

Daniel Roche, Director of Marketing


Why WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management system that give us unlimited flexibility to implement custom designs that fit your unique business needs. WordPress originally started as a blogging platform and has since evolved into a robust CMS that empowers website managers to update their own website and keep it up to date as their business grows.

At Motion Tactic, we consider ourselves WordPress experts. We have built custom WordPress websites that generate millions of dollars, serve traffic at scale, and continue to be performant for years to come. WordPress give us the tools to create websites that are easy to use, great for search engines and scalable.

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Don't all WordPress websites look the same?

We design custom websites that help you stand out from the competition. Our in-house web design team always starts with your goals in mind. Once we have worked with you to design a website that meets your goals, we develop the website to match those unique designs.

Are custom WordPress websites difficult to update?

Not all WordPress websites are created equal. Our development team creates websites that are easy for you to update and are extremely flexible. This allows you to update the website and create additional pages with ease.

How much does a custom WordPress website cost?

It depends on the size and complexity of the website. Designing and developing a website can be a higher up front cost than using a pre-built theme or page builder. Despite a higher up-front cost custom development results in a website that is less expensive over the long term because it is easier to support and maintain.

How long does it take to develop a custom WordPress website?

Under most circumstances you should plan for a custom WordPress website to take 6-12 weeks to complete. The size, complexity, and the creative style greatly effect the amount of time a website takes to complete.

Will the website be difficult to maintain?

Since our in-house WordPress developers uses modern website development practices, the website will be easy to update and maintain.

Can a custom website integrate with my exiting marketing platforms?

Yes! Custom WordPress websites are easy to integrate with marketing platforms such as Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce.

Does Motion Tactic offer support?

We offer multiple support options to fit every budget. Our essentials package includes uptime monitoring and WordPress and plugin updates. Higher level support plans include ongoing availability for us to make changes and improvements to the website.

Are WordPress websites secure?

Having a secure website is essential for organizations as they grow. As traffic increases, so does the risk of attack. At Motion Tactic we implement security features that will harden your website such as two-factor authentication.

What makes a great WordPress site?

A great WordPress site encompasses several key elements: a visually appealing and user-friendly design, fast loading times, responsive and mobile-friendly layout, clear and organized navigation, high-quality and relevant content, effective SEO optimization, strong security measures, seamless functionality through plugins and integrations, and a consistent brand identity that resonates with the target audience. Our custom WordPress development services encompass all these crucial aspects of a website. If your website isn’t excelling in all of these categories, schedule a free consultation with us today!

What is Motion Tactic's approach to WordPress Website creation?

The Motion Tactic web design process consists of 12 steps:

  • Project Kickoff
  • Current Website User Behavior Analysis
  • Sitemap
  • Creative Workshop & Design Inspiration
  • Moodboards
  • Component Discovery & Wireframes
  • Design Sprints
  • Development Sprints
  • Content Loading & Migration
  • Internal QA
  • Launch
  • Training

Does Motion Tactic use premium WordPress themes and plugins?

As a custom WordPress web development agency, we aim to minimize the use of premium plugins that may cause performance and security concerns. While some WordPress plugins are necessary to create WordPress sites, we never use premium themes. Developing a WordPress theme gives an organization the ability to manage their own content while maintaining a consistent design.

Does Motion Tactic have dedicated project managers?

Yes! Each project we work on is assigned a project manager to keep track of deliverables and project requirements. Your project manager may reach out during the course of the project to coordinate meetings, and request information along the way.

What makes WordPress web development unique?

Because WordPress is such an easy to use platform, the marketplace is flooded with entry level designers and developers. Being a custom WordPress development company goes beyond just general WordPress knowledge. At Motion Tactic, we use modern website development practices that result in a much higher quality product. As organizations grow, it becomes more import to use a professional development company that focuses on the long term health of projects instead of only prioritizing speed.