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Your website should look Awesome and drive results.

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Design + Development + SEO

Who We Are

Motion Tactic is a custom website design & development agency in Tempe, AZ – founded to help organizations build websites that drive results. We are an experienced team of learners who seek organizations that are on the cusp of something big. We want to be a part of your vision for growth.

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Collaborative + Accountable

Since 2017, we’ve delivered high-quality website design, development, and SEO strategies for innovative B2B companies.

  • Our proven process is designed to keep you in the loop and make sure that your unique needs are understood.
  • Every project milestone includes a presentation and review period to gain your input and alignment along the way.
  • In-house website design team, development team, and SEO team means you have direct access to the relevant team members.

Outcomes Over Assets

Your website should be a tool that empowers you and helps you reach your marketing goals.

  • Through our discovery process we uncover your business goals to align our team and keep them top of mind.
  • We dig into the hard problems and consistently provide recommendations that create clarity and impact.
  • In every engagement we strive to exceed our client’s expectations through high-quality work and timely deliverables.
  • We’re a passionate team that always strives to do work we’re proud of.

Meet the Team

Aiyana Havir

Accounts Director

Andrew Muscara

Web Developer

Cathy Webb

Website Designer & Developer

Deanne Morian

Digital Marketing Specialist

Gareth McDonald

Lead Developer

Pierce Armstrong

Project Manager

Roberto Lucero

Creative Director

Tyler Morian


Our Process

Motion Tactic Website Process

  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Development
  • Post-Launch

Discovery Process

Great websites happen when brands carefully consider their business goals and the needs of their users. Our website discovery process ensures that we make the right website for your organization.


Every website project starts with a discovery workshop and intake brief. These tools help us uncover the information needed to make a custom website that aligns with your business goals. We’ll dive deep into your target customers, competitors, current website challenges, technical requirements, and more.


We’ll work together to develop your new site architecture using your current site as a jumping-off point. Our team will analyze what’s working and not working to provide strategic recommendations for new pages and content.

Creative Workshop

With an understanding of your industry, competitors, users, and modern design trends, we’ll guide you through a creative workshop to align on your design goals and preferences.


Our in-house creative team specializes in stunning web designs that focus on user experience. We push the envelope with creativity to form functional solutions that meet each project’s requirements.


We bring the creative direction of your project to life by assembling options for the design style, image style, and font style. We’ll challenge you creatively and encourage exploration beyond your comfort zone, all while honing in on what resonates most with your organization.


Like blueprints in construction, wireframes provide a low-fidelity outline of a website. They are quick to create and easy to change during collaborative sessions. This allows us to iterate and make decisions about the placement and priority of content before designs begin.

High-Fidelity Design

Once we understand your creative preferences and have a well-defined blueprint for content, we begin the web design process. Each website project is unique, and we structure the design phase accordingly. We typically present one to two high-fidelity website pages to lock in the site’s design style. From there, we design other pages and page sections as needed. This approach allows for continuous feedback from you, ensuring a collaborative design journey.


We are WordPress experts and our developers use modern web best practices to customize WordPress so it’s tailored to our clients’ needs. Our team custom-develops most of the functionality needed on web projects instead of relying on premium themes or plugins. This results in websites that are fast, easy to use, and maintainable for years to come.


Our developers will transform a project’s approved designs into a scalable, custom-coded WordPress website. We build all our sites using a system of “flexible components,” which empower our clients to create and edit content post-launch.

Content Loading + Migration

When replacing an existing website, we create a content migration plan that ensures all relevant content carries over to the new site. This process may be manual or automated depending on the amount of and complexity of the content – for example, blog posts and inventory are typically easy to migrate without any manual entry for our clients.

Internal QA

We ensure performance and functionality on a staging environment through rigorous testing. Our goal is to present websites to our clients that are representative of the approved designs, leading to few revisions. We test functionality, flexibility, and responsiveness before inviting your team to experience the staging site.

Staging + Training

We’ll invite your team to see and experience the fully executed website through the staging environment. At this time, we’ll empower you with best practices to use your new scalable, custom site through a training session. Your team will also perform QA and supply feedback that we work through before launch.


When QA is complete, Motion Tactic will deploy the new site to your hosting server. Because we are thorough during the development and testing phases of projects, launching a website is a drama-free process. On launch day, we simply point your domain to the new website and re-test on the live server.


Our work isn’t done when the website launches. We firmly believe the success of each web project hinges on whether we’ve met your specified business goals. That’s why we include 90 days of post-launch support on every new website we build. This allows our team to analyze how the new site is performing against the goals set early on in the project.

Post-Launch Website Assessment

We’ll install a heatmapping tool on your new website to collect data on how users are responding to the updated user flow. After the first 90 days of your new site being live, we’ll meet to review how things are performing and to ensure the website is meeting the original project goals.

90-Day Website Support

All website projects include 90-days of website support. This includes website uptime monitoring, monthly WordPress core and plugin updates, and monthly email updates on site health for the first three months post-launch. Up to 2 hours per month of website updates are also included if you discover new design or functionality needs.

“Thanks to Motion Tactic’s efforts, the site speed improved by 300% and organic search metrics increased by 130%. The team’s project management was efficient, clear, and focused. They consistently made communication easy, resolving bottlenecks and removing ambiguity.”

Ben Scott, Senior Web Marketing Manager