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Branding and Website Design

With expertise in branding and website design, we specialize in helping businesses elevate their brand identity and invest in transformative website design solutions.

“Motion Tactic has helped develop some high performing and innovative web sites for us. Their team understands the dance between technology, design and user experience. Highly recommend!”

Justin Ahrens

Branding and Website Design

Your brand and website design should serve as powerful marketing tools, enabling you and your team to increase your audience and grow sales. Achieving a custom designed and developed brand and website is within reach through our trusted three-step process.

1. Consultation

Schedule a consultation with us where we learn about your business goals and create a custom plan for your organization’s branding and website design.

2. Implement & Optimize

Our team will get to work and ensure that your new brand and website design meets your business needs and engages your customers.

3. Grow Your Business

Initiate marketing strategies with confidence knowing that your new and engaging marketing assets will efficiently drive move traffic towards conversion.

We care (a lot) about brand strategy and the ROI on your website

At Motion Tactic, our skilled design professionals specialize in crafting exceptional brand and web designs that prioritize user experience. Through our expertise, we create impactful brands and websites that not only establish you as a trusted industry expert but also set you apart from your competitors.

Design Elements

Custom design elements to enhance the visual appeal, user experience, and overall effectiveness of a website

Brand Design

Strategic development of your logo, images, and brand elements to build trust among your customers

Color Palette

Cohesive and unique color palette throughout the branding and website design

Brand & Logo Design

After research through competitor analysis and better understanding your design style, we get to work on creating a unique and visually compelling logo that represents your brand identity, values, and offerings. We will choose a font, color palette, and design a moodboard to help you visualize all aspects of your brand.

Website Design

Our goal is to craft websites that set you apart from the competition, ensuring your unique value proposition shines through. Beginning with your goals in mind, our in-house web designer starts designing your homepage, carefully translating your vision into captivating visuals. Subsequently, our web developers bring those distinctive designs to life, creating a website that truly reflects your vision and delivers an exceptional user experience.

Content Layout

The layout of your website involves an intentional process of understanding and predicting what your website visitors are looking for when they arrive to your website


We specialize in custom branding and website design for companies that want to captivate their customers with an engaging web design while prioritizing flexibility, performance, and results.


InEight, a global construction technology company, hired us to build a highly creative, industry leading custom website.

Skybox Security

The cybersecurity software industry is competitive and growing fast. In partnership with Skybox Security, we built a technically sound, customer centric website that is designed to deliver educational content at every avenue.


Through the use of custom illustrations and animation, MediaAlpha’s website explains the benefits of their customer acquisition technology for the insurance industry.

Expert Branding and Website Design Team

We are a design studio based in Tempe, Arizona. Our team thrives on in-person collaboration and problem-solving. We’ve found our in-office team is also a benefit to our clients, as they can expect timely communication during normal business hours.

Everyone assigned to work with you will learn deeply about your business and develop lasting relationships with your team. You will likely work with a team member from each of our three key departments for your project.

Branding and Website Design FAQs

Branding and website design are essential elements for businesses aiming to establish a strong online presence. We believe that together they are the foundation for companies to showcase their values, captivate their audience, and achieve their growth objectives. Your website should serve as a platform to speak to your potential customers and your brand should be recognized as a trusted source.


  • How to know if we're a good fit?

    We typically work with medium to large businesses, but we are always open to working with small businesses as well! Each client we work with receives a completely personalized experience with us. If you’re curious to see what type of clients we have worked with in the past, check out our portfolio here.

  • Can you do the complete branding of my business?

    From a full logo design to small graphic elements on your website, we do it all in-house. We care a lot about the quality of our branding work. We believe your brand identity should showcase the value and expertise you bring to your industry. We build in hours of research and discovery before we begin designing your branding materials, because we want to ensure your brand properly represents your personality, voice, messaging, and overall aesthetic.

  • How long does it take to design a new website?

    We recommend for our clients to allocate 6-12 weeks for the completion of custom websites. The duration of the process is influenced by factors such as the website’s scale, complexity, and desired creative style, which can significantly impact the overall timeline.

  • Do you use a pre-built templates?

    We never use pre-built or premium themes to build your website. We believe in crafting a completely custom website that can grow with your business. Custom themes allow us to be as creative as we want with your site and we believe no two websites should be identical.

  • Do you have an in-house designer and developer?

    Yes to both. We keep all design and web development in-house to ensure the quality of both are up to our own standards. You have the opportunity to talk directly to our web designers and web development team if ever necessary.

  • Does Motion Tactic offer hosting?

    If this is your first website, we can help you set up hosting on one of our preferred hosting vendors. If you have an existing website, we are happy to work with your previous host to launch your new site on that hosting platform.

  • Does Motion Tactic offer support once my website is launched?

    Yes! We want you to feel like you made the best decision working with us on your branding and website design. We understand that doesn’t mean our relationship ends immediately once your website has been launched. We offer 2-3 months of support post launch, depending on the scope of the project. Contact us with any questions and for more information on what is included in the support package.

  • What is Motion Tactic's approach to Website Design?

    The Motion Tactic web design process consists of 12 steps:

    Project Kickoff
    Current Website User Behavior Analysis
    Creative Workshop & Design Inspiration
    Component Discovery & Wireframes
    Design Sprints
    Development Sprints
    Content Loading & Migration
    Internal QA

    More about our process can be found here:

    Motion Tactic’s Approach to Web Design

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We are a branding and website design company who specializes in marketing websites, brand identity, and digital strategy for companies that want to make a statement.

Web Design

Research & discovery



High fidelity web design & animation

Web Development

Custom development

Integrations & API development

Full Website QA process

Launch & CMS training

Brand Identity

Brand design & logos

Custom illustrations

Social graphics

Motion Tactic is the best team I have ever worked with on a website project. They took the time to learn what we wanted, lent their expertise and delivered a product beyond my expectations.

Daniel Roche, Director of Marketing

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