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Reimagining the digital identity of a multi-national construction management platform

Services Performed

Research, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Ongoing Design + Development Support


Scottsdale, AZ

Company Size

500-600 employees


Acquired by Kiewit in 2013

Years Active



B2B, SaaS


SaaS Website Design

The Client

InEight creates software to simplify the construction project management process and help teams deliver projects on time and on budget for clients worldwide. Its specialized product offering gives its customers the tools they need to manage every aspect of a construction project.


The Challenge

InEight came to us with the goal of differentiating themselves from its competition through creative website design. The company needed us to design, develop, and support several of its web properties across multiple departments.


The Solution

We created modular design systems that can be re-used and extended to hundreds of pages without sacrificing the consistency and creativity defined by our team. The new website required several complex features; dense page count, multiple language translations, ADA compliance, Marketo integration, and more. Our team created a sprint schedule to break the work into digestible modules and to allow for our team to concurrently work on the project. Each sprint contained wireframe, design, development, and testing checkpoints.

UX/UI Design

Taking InEight’s existing brand standards, we created design systems to scale its branding across a dynamic website and its employee Intranet. The website design needed to be ADA compliant and be flexible to grow alongside the ever-evolving company. Strategic website components allow InEight’s team the ability to build pages from scratch without disrupting the set design systems.

Custom Imagery and Animated Graphics

A lack of branded photography to use on the website presented itself as a challenge at the start of this project. Our creative team developed a custom photography treatment and hand-selected stock photos based on construction industry standards. This allowed us to create an interesting website design with imagery that feels organic to the brand. We’ve also created custom graphics and animations, like InEight’s Integrated Project Controls Platform Animation, to help users visualize InEight’s complex offerings.

Web Development

The InEight website is large in scale and rich in complexity. It’s made up of several robust features such as multiple language translations, a Marketo integration, and advanced security measures. We continue to work with the InEight team on optimizing website speed and performance, ensuring that it continues to deliver a positive user experience.

Since InEight has a complex service offering, UX research has been used throughout the duration of our partnership. This research includes ongoing analysis of heatmaps and other behavior analytics tools to optimize the design and make recommendations on how to present new offerings.

Since InEight’s site launch in 2020, our teams continue to collaborate on an ongoing basis. During the past several years, we’ve designed new pages to expand the website, developed a touch screen sales tool, performed ongoing monthly maintenance, continued research and testing, and more to ensure the site continues to convert.