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Awake Window + Door Co.

Creating a digital identity to capture a luxury market

Services Performed

UX/UI Design, Web Development


Gilbert, AZ

Years Active



B2B, Construction


B2B Website Design

The Client

Awake is a groundbreaking custom door and window systems manufacturer that designs with minimal frames to maximize your view. The company is also on a humanitarian mission, helping solve mass incarceration through providing employment opportunities to a vulnerable population.

The Challenge

As a brand new business, Awake hadn’t installed its custom window and door systems into homes at the time of the website build. This meant there were no product shots and limited professional photography options for the website. Since the Awake team wanted to target the luxury market audience, it was important to showcase the beauty and intentionality of their high-end products. We were tasked with transforming Awake’s initial branding into a full digital identity and telling its story with minimal collateral.

The Solution

We landed on a high-end, minimalistic design to tell the Awake story of a luxury custom windows and doors manufacturer on a humanitarian mission. To solve the need for product shots, we created composite images using Awake’s CAD designs.

UX/UI Design

Awake leaned into our creative direction from the start, allowing our team to push the envelope to design a polished digital identity from scratch. We focused on carrying the sophisticated feel of the Awake product lines into the website to speak to its high-end clientele. We did this through embracing white space and implementing a chic black and white color palette. The design features subtle line and window frame accents to accentuate imagery throughout the site.

Custom Imagery

For imagery, we wanted to show users the impact the Awake products could have on the beauty of a home but had to do so without actual product shots. Our team created composite images by placing Awake’s CAD designs into stock images, painting a realistic picture of the products in a home.

Web Development

Since mission and meaning are at the heart of the Awake brand, we also created an interactive logo experience to showcase the motivations and ethics of Awake.

As a new and growing business, the scalability of the website is a priority. The Awake site uses a series of flexible components, which makes building new pages using set design systems a seamless process. This method ensures the sophisticated design isn’t compromised as the website evolves alongside Awake.