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Skybox Security

Digital transformation and brand extension for a cybersecurity platform

Services Performed

Research, User Journeys, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Content Strategy, Ongoing Design + Development Support


San Jose, CA

Company Size

300-400 employees



Years Active



B2B, SaaS


SaaS Website Design

The Client

Skybox Security is a global leader in security posture management. The company pioneered a platform that powers proactive cybersecurity programs. Global enterprises and governments rely on it to maintain compliance, reduce cyber exposure, minimize business risk, and prevent breaches.

The Challenge

The world of cybersecurity is nuanced and so is establishing yourself as an authority within the field. Skybox needed a site that not only elevated its brand, but also strategically targeted its audiences to drive revenue. This required a scalable, secure, and future-proof codebase that enabled synergy between its internal teams.

The Solution

We completed a full website design and development project and digital brand extension for Skybox, creating an optimized front and back end experience.

Research & User Journeys

Starting with Skybox’s self-identified personas, we developed tailored user journeys throughout the site. We began each journey by identifying a user’s end goals and formulated paths that aligned those goals with Skybox’s objectives. These journeys were designed to ensure the right person had the right content at the right stage, leading to an informed and ready buyer.

End-User Oriented Navigation

We assessed competitor sites and Skybox’s buyer personas to prioritize content in the navigation. The goal was to drive a seamless experience for the end user by highlighting Skybox’s offerings, all while distinguishing it from the pack with an interesting design.

UI/UX Design

Skybox utilizes a bold, colorful palette for its brand. We wanted to carry its brand aesthetic through to the website but simplify the execution in the site design to create a seamless user experience and to maintain ADA compliance. We developed new image treatments, created custom patterns, and established visual rules to modernize and elevate their brand.

Web Development

Skybox’s desired outcomes for the project included driving to measurable engagement, action-goals, and conversions that tangibly contribute to sales pipeline. Therefore, its site required sophisticated integrations, tracking, and personalization. We also solved for its large database of resources through a sophisticated resource hub experience. Our team’s problem-solving expertise made this complex site easily navigable by users, while maintaining high-performance standards for functionality and security.

Content Strategy

Our team conducted SEO research to optimize Skybox’s content strategy for the new website. We created a robust competitor keyword mapping tool to identify the top keywords within the cybersecurity industry. We then took those keywords and built a keyword mapping report to outline which keywords to spotlight on each page. This ensures a holistic SEO approach on the website that covers many top keywords without duplicating efforts across pages.