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Custom website and graphics to explain complex problems solved in advertising technology

Services Performed

UX/UI Design, Web Development, Brand Guide, Animation, Ongoing Design + Development Support


Los Angeles, CA

Company Size

100-200 employees



Years Active



AdTech, B2B


SaaS Website Design

The Client

MediaAlpha is an advertising technology company that develops programmatic advertising platforms. Their products help enterprise companies advertise dynamically based on insights that help them make informed advertising decisions.

The Challenge

MediaAlpha came to us with a goal of creatively differentiating from their competition. One of the main challenges of this project was finding a way to tell a complex story about the brand without relying on stock photography or product screenshots.

The Solution

During the process of redesigning MediaAlpha’s new website, we challenged ourselves to break out of traditional norms. We intentionally utilized a limited amount of raster imagery and sought to explain their offering through helpful graphics – all designed in-house by our design team. We implemented animated graphics to create clarity and understanding. The final product is a uniquely branded and highly informative website that helps MediaAlpha quickly show users how MediaAlpha can impact their businesses.

UX/UI Design

Without leaning on stock imagery or product screenshots, our design team sought creative solutions to add visual interest to the website. We developed characters and settings to create compelling, clear ways to explain information. Our design team created illustration styling unique to MediaAlpha using its branded orange and animation to draw the eye. These custom illustrations and a timeless design captures the story of MediaAlpha and helps lead users through the buying process.

Animated Explainer Video

To help MediaAlpha explain their business model and value proposition to website visitors we created an animated explainer video. To create the video we followed a collaborative process of storyboarding, script writing, custom design, and animation.

Brand Guide + Sales Enablement Materials

After expanding MediaAlpha’s color palette and logo to the website, we created a comprehensive brand guide to document rules for the website and sales enablement materials. We have also designed digital ads, white paper templates, PowerPoint templates, and more to help MediaAlpha carry forward its new visual identity.

Web Development

We developed the MediaAlpha site with SEO and scalability in mind. To optimize the website with content, we migrated HubSpot blog content to the new WordPress CMS. The site is also built using a series of flexible components on the backend. A user can add these components to any new page in any order, but they are built intentionally with design rules in mind. This gives MediaAlpha the flexibility to scale the website without compromising the look and feel of the design.

Our team started by re-approaching the design of their website and have since continued to work with MediaAlpha on an ongoing basis to create new digital media assets that they can use to promote their advertising platform.