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Website Development

Your website should be fast, secure and easy to update

“Motion Tactic has helped us develop some high performing and innovative web sites for us. Their team understands the dance between technology, design and user experience. Highly recommend!”

Justin Ahrens

We care about code quality (a lot) and it makes a difference

Our in-house development team, and our founder, are meticulous about the quality of our code. The result of that is that websites we build are fast, secure, easy to update, and maintainable.


Our development team always tests their work to ensure that it will be performant and scalable


Our focus on maintainability allows us to maintain and service projects for years to come without accumulating technical debt

Our Website Development Process

Iterative Workflow

An iterative process allows us to work quickly and ensure that projects deliver on time

Development Sprints

When development starts, our developers are working from complete designs that guide them. These designs are typically delivered in batches and the development team creates and deploys the batches to a staging server. Giving us the ability to test as we go.

Content Loading

If we’re replacing an existing website it’s important that we account for all of the content that needs to be moved from the old website to the new. This process can be manual or automated depending on the amount and complexity of the content. Things like blog posts and inventory typically are easily migrated without any manual entry.

Flexible Design

Our websites are designed and developed to handle variable content and be flexible to meet your needs

Internal QA

Our testing and quality assurance processes weed out bugs and responsive issues before we launch


During the course of the project we continuously test the website on a staging server. We test for functionality, flexibility, and responsiveness. Our goal is that when we present a website to our clients there will be very little feedback because it is representative of the approved designs.


Because we are very thorough during the development process to continuously test, launching the website is a drama free process. On launch day (never Mondays or Fridays) we simply point your domain to the new website and re-test on the live server.

Stress free launch

After a website is thoroughly tested our development team creates a comprehensive launch plan to ensure an easy launch

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