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How effective is your homepage?

In this report you will see how effective your homepage is and learn what can be improved to help transform your website into an effective sales and marketing tool. Motion Tactic will review your website home page and determine how effective it is in 6 different categories:

  • Functionality
  • Navigation
  • Content
  • Brand
  • Design
  • Interactivity
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What makes a homepage effective?

In this evaluation of your website we review your home page and considered 26 different factors that contribute to home page effectiveness. This evaluation serves as a starting point for us to understand what could be improved on your website. It’s a little bit science and a little bit art. Each question has been given a weight based on how impactful we believe that factor is in the total effectiveness of your website.

What you will receive

The homepage of a website creates a lasting impression on website visitors. Creating a positive first experience significantly contributes to how long visitors stay on your website and if they eventually find the information that they need to eventually become customers. Each segment of the report dives in to specific factors that contribute to the overall effectiveness. Giving you a score for each category and a total score that helps you create a plan for improvement.

Report Categories


Functionality – A functional website is quick to load, secure, and well structured for users to find information that they need.

Navigation – A well planned navigation provides a solid foundation for users to access the rest of the site.

Content – The content on your homepage of a website will often be the first opportunity to create understanding.

Brand –  A website’s look, feel, and personality are just as important as the information on the site when it comes to drawing in prospective customers.

Design – The visual design of a website is comprised of many smaller design elements that work together to present a unique look and feel that supports the overall story being told.

Interactivity – An interactive website includes elements which can be actively engaged by the user in an effort to provide them with a better user experience.

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