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Custom WordPress Website Design

Our agency specializes in custom WordPress website design to create exceptional digital experiences that revolve around the needs and preferences of your customers.

“Motion Tactic has helped develop some high performing and innovative web sites for us. Their team understands the dance between technology, design and user experience. Highly recommend!”

Justin Ahrens


Website Design

Your website should be an easy to use marketing tool that empowers you to launch new marketing strategies while solidifying your position as a trusted brand. Achieving a custom WordPress website design is within reach through our trusted three-step process.

1. Consultation

Schedule a consultation with us where we learn about your business goals and create a custom plan for your organization’s website design.

2. Implement & Optimize

Our team will get to work and ensure that your new web design and brand will meet your business goals and engage your customers.

3. Grow Your Business

Launch marketing strategies with confidence knowing that your new and engaging marketing assets will efficiently drive more traffic towards conversion.

Custom WordPress websites that seamlessly serve the needs of your audience

At our agency, our in-house design team prioritizes creating web designs that focus on user experience. As a result, the websites we create are characterized by interactive experiences, seamless navigation, and mobile optimization.

User Experience

Our focus on user experience allows us to create meaningful WordPress web design that keeps the attention of your website visitors

Mobile Optimization

We specifically design for mobile devices to ensure your website traffic has a seamless experience across all devices

Creative Alignment

Moodboards ensure that we understand your vision and creative preferences


Before we begin the web design, we need to know what you like. Moodboards provide us with valuable insights into the design direction that resonates most with you and your organization’s stakeholders. However, we also want to challenge you creatively, encouraging exploration beyond your comfort zone.


Just like the construction of a skyscraper, website projects need blueprints. Wireframes are quick to create and easy to change. This gives us the ability to quickly iterate and make decisions about the placement and priority of content before the high fidelity web design is created.

Content Architecture

Wireframes help us to visualize content priority and placement in a quick and iterative way

High Fidelity Design

The WordPress web design process ensures that when you receive your website, there will be no surprises

Design Sprints

With an understanding of your creative preferences and a well-defined blueprint for content organization and prioritization, we are poised to begin the web design process. Typically, we present 1-2 high-fidelity custom WordPress website design pages of the website initially, before moving on to subsequent batches of pages. This approach allows for continuous feedback from you, ensuring a collaborative and iterative design journey.


For businesses seeking to captivate their customers with custom WordPress website design, we specialize in crafting engaging user experiences. Our focus lies in delivering designs that prioritize flexibility, performance, and tangible results.


InEight, a global construction technology company, hired us to build a highly creative, industry leading custom website.

Skybox Security

The cybersecurity software industry is competitive and growing fast. In partnership with Skybox Security, we built a technically sound, customer centric website that is designed to deliver educational content at every avenue.


Through the use of custom illustrations and animation, MediaAlpha’s website explains the benefits of their customer acquisition technology for the insurance industry.

Expert Web Design and Development Team

Our team thrives in-person collaboration and problem-solving. We believe having an in-office team is advantageous not only for us but also for our clients, as it ensures prompt and effective communication during business hours.

Each member assigned to work with you will invest their efforts in deeply understanding your business, fostering relationships with you and your team. You will likely work with a team member from each of our three key departments for your project.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system that give us unlimited flexibility to implement custom designs that fit your unique business needs. WordPress originally started as a blogging platform and has since evolved into a robust CMS that empowers website managers to update their own website and keep it up to date as their business grows. At Motion Tactic, we consider ourselves WordPress experts. We have built custom WordPress websites that generate millions of dollars, serve traffic at scale, and continue to be performant for years to come. WordPress give us the tools to create websites that are easy to use, great for search engines and scalable.


  • Don't all WordPress websites look the same?

    Our objective is to create websites that help you stand apart from the competition. Our in-house web designer always starts the design process with your goals in mind. Then, our web developer brings those unique designs to life by crafting a website that reflects your vision.

  • Do you use a pre-built or custom Wordpress theme?

    We never use pre-built or premium themes to build your website. We believe in crafting a completely custom website that can grow with your business. Custom themes allow us to be as creative as we want with your site and we believe no two websites should be identical.

  • How much does custom Wordpress design cost?

    The timeframe and cost of designing and developing a website vary based on its size and complexity. Opting for a custom design may involve a higher initial investment compared to using pre-built themes or page builders. However, in the long run, a custom-designed website proves to be a more cost-effective solution as it is tailored precisely to suit your business’s specific requirements, thereby avoiding unnecessary expenses in the future.

  • How long does it take to design a custom WordPress site?

    We recommend for our clients to allocate 6-12 weeks for the completion of a custom WordPress website. The duration of the process is influenced by factors such as the website’s scale, complexity, and desired creative style, which can significantly impact the overall timeline.

  • Do you help implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    Yes! For all of our custom WordPress website designs, we migrate existing content as well as upload any new content. During this process, we also migrate SEO fields from the previous site. This ensures any on site SEO work is preserved and carried forward to the new site. Additionally, all sites we build are set up with technical SEO practices in mind. This means fields for meta page titles and descriptions are available on the backend for any main page or blog page to be optimized for search engines. We also test the site for performance to prevent any SEO implementation issues.

  • Do you have in-house Wordpress designers?

    We do! We believe in having a collaborative team to bounce ideas off one another and that happens best when everyone is in-house. Our web design team works closely with our WordPress developer to create a seamless experience for you.

  • Do you outsource the web development?

    No, we keep all design and web development in-house to ensure the quality of both are up to our own standards. You have the opportunity to talk directly to our web design team and web development team if ever necessary.

  • Does Motion Tactic offer Wordpress hosting?

    If this is your first website, we can help you set up hosting on one of our preferred hosting vendors. If you have an existing website, we are happy to work with your previous host to launch your new site on that hosting platform.

  • Does Motion Tactic use premium WordPress themes and plugins?

    As a custom WordPress development firm, our focus is on minimizing the reliance on premium plugins that could potentially compromise performance and security. While certain WordPress plugins are essential for site functionality, we refrain from using premium themes. By developing a custom WordPress theme, organizations gain the advantage of maintaining control over their content while ensuring a consistent and cohesive design.

  • What is Motion Tactic's approach to custom WordPress website design?

    The Motion Tactic web design process consists of 12 steps:

    Project Kickoff
    Current Website User Behavior Analysis
    Creative Workshop & Design Inspiration
    Component Discovery & Wireframes
    Design Sprints
    Development Sprints
    Content Loading & Migration
    Internal QA

    More about our process can be found here:

    Motion Tactic’s Approach to Web Design

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Motion Tactic is the best team I have ever worked with on a website project. They took the time to learn what we wanted, lent their expertise and delivered a product beyond my expectations.

Daniel Roche, Director of Marketing

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