When you get your custom website redesigned and redeveloped, we do our best to make it a hands off process for you and your team until it becomes time to ramp up the new website launch marketing plan.

Once the website design has received approval, we will work diligently to get your custom website developed.

During this process, you should be focusing on your post launch marketing plan. We’ve created a checklist for you to make sure you are well equipped for your custom website launch. We also have a list of mistakes to avoid when you launch your custom website, click here to read more!


Custom Website Launch Marketing Plan by Motion Tactic, a creative agency in Tempe Arizona


New Website Launch Marketing Plan

Read below for the month by month checklist:

4 Months Before Launch:

- Consider what type of marketing campaign your business needs
- Discuss with your team what graphics need to be created for social media campaign

2 Months Before Launch:

- Determine what week or day you are aiming for launch
- Post on social media to alert followers of your upcoming launch
- Send out an email newsletter to current clients and contacts to drive excitement about launch

1 Month Before Launch:

- Ensure all graphics are complete and ready for posting (create graphics at the correct sizes for each social media channel)
- Announce the launch date of the new website
- Send out an additional email newsletter reminding everyone of your launch
- Around 1 month, you will receive your staging site (a hidden live version of your site that you can test) and you will want to go through and send over any revisions you may have

2 Weeks Before Launch:

- Post on social media about the launch date being two weeks away
- Confirm all revisions have been addressed and will be taken care of by launch
- Test all features of the new website

1 Week Before Launch:

- Post on social media about the upcoming launch in a week
- Email client list and contacts about the launch happening in a week
- For more interaction, include some type of call-to-action in social media or email campaign (ex. Email subscription, giveaways, contests, etc)

Launch Day:

- Make sure no updates or edits are happening to the website on launch day (unless they are critical)
- Send out your final email blast with a link to your new website
- Post on all social media accounts and ask friends, family, and close clients to share the posts on their pages
- Create giveaways or contests to entice more visitors to your website

If you want to make sure your site is ready to go live, download a PDF version of our website checklist here.