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New Website Launch Marketing Plan

February 1, 2021 - Written by Kyle Narducci
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Launching a new website is a huge accomplishment. You’ve likely spent the last several weeks or months working on it and coordinating with stakeholders at your organization to make sure that the website will serve everyone’s individual needs. As you get closer and closer to the launch of the website, the focus starts to turn to what needs to happen after the website is live. The goal of reinventing your website is to reach more clients than before and show your brand’s innovation. It isn’t simply launching your website and calling it a day. You also need a comprehensive marketing plan surrounding your website’s reveal to generate attention after the launch.


As a marketer, your role through the website launch typically involves you wearing many hats. Wrangling your team’s needs and compiling them into simple and executable marketing initiatives can be a stressful process. We aim to make your role easier by creating this website launch marketing checklist. Our hope is that the checklist is a good starting point in the marketing campaign for your company.


The checklist goes through SEO tips for your content, as well as social media announcements and PR. You will want to go through this checklist at the start of the website design process (a couple months before launch), in order to give yourself enough time to achieve the marketing objectives listed below.


If you would prefer to be less hands-on in the marketing launch, we would be happy to discuss a marketing strategy that we create and manage for your business post launch. To get in touch, email us at


The Importance of a Marketing Plan Post Launch

Launching your website without a marketing plan in place is like ordering a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and not sharing it on your social media. Did you even get the drink if you don’t share about it? All jokes aside, a marketing strategy for post launch will help you get the absolute most value from your investment in a new website. Investing time and money into a new website is good for your business, but it’s only half the strategy. The other half is to create awareness and gain leads using your new publishing platform (your website). No matter how beautifully designed and thought out your website is, it won’t matter if it’s not getting any visibility.


Website Launch Marketing Plan


Before launching your website it’s important to make sure that you have analytics in place to measure the results of all of the changes that you’ve made. It’s not uncommon to see significant changes to your traffic after launching a new website so you will want to make sure that you have a good baseline to measure against.

Events and Goals

  • Establish which user actions that you will want to track on the website and create events that will be sent to Google Analytics
  • Establish which user actions that you will want to track on the website and create events that are used to create goals


The goal of SEO for your business is to create organic traffic to your site from the search engine results. Why is that important? 51% of shoppers use Google to research a purchase they intend to make online. Half of our population is searching keywords that will lead them to a purchasing decision. It is crucial your website is ready for those keywords searches pertaining to your business.

Keyword Strategy

  • During the weeks where you are creating content for your website, research what keywords are going to lead to more business and implement those into your new content.
  • Review Google Search Console to see what keywords are currently working on your old website and work those into the content to prevent tanking existing SEO.
  • Are targeted keywords included on your most visited pages? If you are using keywords through your website, you want the keyword to take them to the pertaining page.


  • Verify that the meta descriptions and meta titles are set on each page. An easy way to check meta tags is by using the Facebook Share Debugger.
  • Are headings appropriately used through each page? Headings are used by search engines to rank websites, so you should use your headings as another opportunity to utilize keywords.
  • Check to see if all redirects from old pages are going to the correct pages on the new site. Broken links are not great for SEO, because the search engine will assume that page is gone and you will no longer receive the SEO value of the page with a different link.
  • Pages and editorial content links to internal pages where appropriate
  • Schema markup is added to pages to help them show up in Google rich search results


Social engine marketing (SEM) is the practice of using paid advertisements on search engine results pages to generate more traffic to your website. If you are new to SEO and want results quicker than months away, using SEM is a great strategy for your business. Both SEO and SEM are centered around keywords, but SEM is the process of putting your business in higher rankings for specific keywords.

Landing Pages

Are landing pages designed, tested, and ready to go once your website has launched? With SEM, you will want to give users a specific place to go, usually with a bold CTA at the top. Landing pages are perfect to capture information from leads while leading back to your new website.


Create a schedule and budget for your campaign to run at least the first couple months after your launch. SEM will bring an immediate presence to your website, but once your SEO gains traction, you can lower your monthly ad spend.

Is your website set up properly before the launch to capture conversion events and record them to Google Analytics for tracking? We install Google Analytics on all of our websites, but we will need your help to set up the account.


Your social media profiles are all filled with people who already like and follow your business. They already have buy-in and are the easiest group to share your new website with. With the upcoming launch of your website, we recommend creating graphics for social media to build excitement around the launch. Other types of social engagement include: giveaways, animated videos, and any special offers.

Social Announcements

  • Are social graphics ready to post on social media? Pre-write any copy surrounding the launch, so it’s a quick copy-and-paste to the perspective profiles.
  • Look into which social media platforms perform the best for engagement and what types of posts are receiving the most attention. Use these platforms and create more specific content that fits the platform (ex. If LinkedIn performs the best, create a social campaign for LinkedIn, posting several times before the launch).
  • Share any animated or live action videos surrounding the website launch. These could include: explainer videos, message from the CEO, or a video announcing a new product/service launch.

Press Releases

Lastly, you will want to create a press release about the launch of your brand new website! After months of preparation, it’s time to share the news with everyone. In the press release, you can share about all the new features on your website and how the website will be a useful tool for your company and others who visit it. Press releases are the place to brag about your website and encourage users to explore it.


  • If your website has a resources or blog page, post about the launch on your own site.
  • Create announcements for internal use and distribution to clients. The news will be easier to spread if you have the copy ready to go.
  • Design a newsletter email with engaging imagery and content about visiting your website. Create a list of contacts who you would like to share the news with.

Work With Us

We have seen huge success from companies who invest not only in their new website, but also their marketing campaign to go with it. There’s a lot to be said about preparation in an investment like this. Creating a beautiful website is only half the process. We hope this checklist helps shed some light on what items you can prepare for in your website marketing launch.

If you are interested in creating a new website, launching a new marketing campaign, or learning more about what we do, please check out our approach page. We have laid out all the information you will need to determine if we are the right agency for you.

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