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Website Discovery

Your website should help you connect with your potential customers

“I worked with Motion Tactic on a complete rebuild of an existing corporate website. They were the best team I have ever worked with on this type of project. They took the time to learn what we wanted, lent their expertise and delivered a product beyond my expectations.”

Daniel Roche

Great websites don’t happen by accident

Great websites happen when organizations carefully consider their goals and the needs of their users. Our website discovery process ensures that we make the right website for your organization. Your ideal website should be easy to understand, look awesome, and lead visitors to a buying decision. If your website isn’t doing those three things, we can help.

How is your website performing?

  • Does your website clearly communicate what you do and who you do it for?
  • Does your website look modern, interesting, and build trust?
  • Does your website lead visitors to the content that they need in order to progress towards a buying decision?

Website Sitemap

Starting a website project with a sitemap ensures that we include everything you’ll need to engage your customers

Page Outlines

Sitemap pages include page outlines to guide the content creation process and bridge the gap between content and design

Our Website Discovery Process

Collaboration is key

We don’t set out to make any website, we make sure we understand your business and your goals so we make the right website for your business

Discovery Workshop

Every website project we do starts with a discovery workshop. In this workshop we uncover things like who your target customers are, who your competitors are, what challenges you’re having with your current website, what technical features you’ll need, and much more.

Website Analysis

In order to understand how visitors are currently using your website we use a combination of analytics and behavior analysis tools. Once we know how visitors use your current website, we can make informed recommendations on what should change.

User behavior analysis

Understanding how people use your existing website helps us to make informed recommendations

The blueprint

A sitemap gives the design team and content writers a unified direction

Content Architecture

Based on insight drawn from website analysis, competitor research, and observation of your current website we construct a recommended sitemap that represents each of the important pages on website and each unique content type

Creative Workshop

With an understanding of your industry, competitors, users, and modern design trends we guide you through a creative exploration workshop where can create a common understanding of your design goals and preferences.

Elevate your Website and win more of your best customers