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Vivid Financial Management

Pushing creative boundaries and brand identity for an established wealth management firm


UX/UI Design, Web Development





The Client

Vivid Financial Management is a financial firm located in central California with a mission to improve the wealth management experience for its clients.


The Challenge

One of the areas Vivid was looking to improve on was how the company visually communicated its value to the market and engaged its audience.


The Solution

We worked with the Vivid team to understand the vision they had for their website and new logo. Our design and development team also built investment, loan, and mortgage calculators that allow users to plug in their information and produce real-time results, as well as an interactive map feature that showcases the firm’s favorite local spots.

Custom Icons

We love creating custom elements on websites that set them apart from their competitors. These details may seem small, but we believe they make a huge impact on the overall feel of the website. For Vivid’s website, our design team created custom iconography to represent the different clients they serve. We are pleased with how they turned out in the finish product!

Map Integration

The location of Vivid’s office placed them in a prime spot for great wineries, restaurants, and outdoor activities. They found themselves making recommendations to their clients on a regular basis, and they dreamed up the idea of having a place on their website that would showcase all of their favorite local spots. We worked with them to develop the idea of a custom map integration on their website that would be interactive as well as easy to use.

Custom Animations

Some of our favorite features on websites are the animations. There is no comparison for the experience you have on a website with unique animations that engage the user and keep their eyes glued to your site. For Vivid, users immediately see an animation in the hexagonal pattern in the top left of the home page. Once they begin scrolling, the experience continues through moving text, hover animations, and an animated graph to represent growth. Each page on the website shows off a unique animation and continues to engage the user throughout the exploration of the entire site.

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