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An innovative e-commerce experience for a global non-profit


Web Development


San Luis Obispo, California


2018 -2021



The Client

Lifewater International is a non-profit organization that implements clean water and sanitation programs worldwide. Operating globally they have provided clean water to over 40,000 homes and have created over 800 clean water sources for communities.


The Challenge

Lifewater sought out Motion Tactic to re-develop its entire website to support a new crowdfunding model that allows users to team together and fund individual projects while getting real-time updates on the status of the project they helped fund. Allowing them to promote individual campaigns and to enable unique funding rules and models on a per campaign basis.


The Solution

We developed a custom e-commerce website built on WordPress and using the GiveWP e-commerce platform. The website was highly customized and extended GiveWP to achieve functionality that was unique to Lifwater’s needs. The website generated millions of dollars in new donations and was used to fund clean water wells globally.

Crowd Sourced Giving Campaigns

Lifewater worked with us to create an all new giving experience for their website visitors – allowing them to donate online and track the progress of the project they’ve supported. With this new giving experience, Lifewater can automate the creation of campaigns and expedite the funding process to give access to water for those in need.

Custom Giving Experience

Lifewater’s need for a custom-branded experience led us to push the boundaries on what WordPress giving-solutions typically offer. We developed all custom templates for users to complete their donation and manage their profile.



We developed a series of automated features that receive information about new projects from NetSuite and create records in the WordPress database. This prevents the need for projects to be manually created multiple times by field team members. Once a project is ready for funding, both the project and giving campaign are created. In addition, any images uploaded to their cloud storage (related to this project) will be added automatically in WordPress.

Map Integration

Lifewater worked with us to add a custom map integration to their current website. The idea was to create a mapping system that plots where all water points, healthy homes/villages, and healthy schools that Lifewater has helped are located. Our team partnered with Lifewater’s leadership to create a solution that connects the visual points on the map to a database in real-time. Lifewater is able to gather data on communities through their staff that are based in Ethiopia, Uganda, and Cambodia. Staff members enter community data into a database that the mapping system ultimately draws from.

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