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Jaw-dropping design and informative content to disrupt the laboratory services industry.


Research, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Content Strategy


Johnson City, TN

Company Size

300-400 employees






Central Laboratory Services

The Client

LabConnect is a global laboratory services provider who specializes in logistically and analytically complex studies.


The Challenge

Organizations in the broader healthcare industry typically draw inspiration from other websites within their industry. LabConnect was looking for an agency to create a new website that would challenge the status-quo with unexpectedly creative design.


The Solution

LabConnect drew inspiration from other creative agencies, museums, and art gallery websites. Our goal for the project was to use the design, animation, illustrations, and custom photography to help convert website users into warm leads. Through discovery sessions we learned that LabConnect’s typical customer requires technical information about LabConnect’s services before they would be interested in starting a conversation. Our design took into account the need for ease of access to technical information and established multiple conversion pathways. LabConnect received “Special Kudos” by the CSS Design Awards for its creative and animated aesthetic.

Enhancing the Brand

When working with a company as substantial as LabConnect, we see the importance of not only adhering to the brand, but also creating a product that enhances it. The LabConnect brand message is to distinguish their company as the leading provider in lab services. With a modern website, custom photography, and UX/UI designs, we gave LabConnect a product that showcases their unrivaled brand and service.

Custom Animations and Illustrations

With most of our clients, we prefer doing custom illustrations, because we want their site to feel unique to them. LabConnect offers over 10 different services, so we wanted to design small illustrations to represent each of them. In addition, throughout the site, we added animations to add more engagement for users. Animations can be found as users click a new page, as well as when they scroll through the homepage.

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