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Capturing the human element for a tech forward software development agency


UX/UI Design, Animation, Web Development


Beaverton, Oregon







The Client

Axian is a software design and development organization located in Beaverton, Oregon. The company focuses on designing sustainable cloud-optimized solutions from concept to code. Axian also helps clients by leveraging their data to help them gain a competitive advantage.


The Challenge

The team approached us with the goal of reviving its website to better position the firm as a local, trusted, and experienced software-development company.


The Solution

Axian has worked with companies in the Pacific Northwest for nearly three decades. We designed to be familiar and culturally relevant for users visiting the site in the Pacific Northwest.

UX/UI Design

We used a specific color palette, textures, and imagery to blend nature and modern design into the website. Localizing the design helps to create a memorable and familiar feel for Axian’s clientele.

Axian is huge on company culture. They not only host really fun events for their employees to attend, they have business principles that they abide by that creates an open environment for discussion and problem solving. Displaying Axian’s culture tenants on the website also helps them attract new talent to the company. Axian’s company culture page is designed to tell a story of how fun, inclusive, and hardworking their team is.


Animations are a natural extension of the natural and modern design concept that exists on Axian’s new website. We implemented transition animations that introduce the content when the user scrolls through the page. Throughout the site there are subtle animations that are intended to make the supporting content attractive while guiding the user’s eye towards important or relevant content for them on the website.

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