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Creating a playful and engaging digital identity and interactive website for a charter school network


UX/UI Design, Web Development, ADA Compliance


Phoenix, Arizona





The Client

AmeriSchools Academy is a charter school network with multiple locations around Arizona. AmeriSchool’s goal is to develop lifelong learners who are compassionate, culturally sensitive, effective and responsible citizens.


The Challenge

AmeriSchools approached us after being contacted by an ADA advocacy group. Their previous website had multiple usability issues that made it difficult to use for all users. They knew they needed to update their website and wanted to take the opportunity to invest in a significant digital identity refresh.


The Solution

We started by evaluating their existing website using an ADA compliance tool. With a baseline understanding of their current website, we started a design process with the goal of pushing creative boundaries while maintaining ADA compliance. The resulting digital identity and website is a colorful and animated experience that is easy to use.

UX/UI Design

The AmeriSchools site features visually interesting shapes and animation transitions that capture the users attention as the scroll through the pages and navigate the site. We use animation to emphasize important content and draw attention.

ADA Compliance

The previous AmeriSchools website had significant usability issues that made it difficult to perform basic tasks and find information. – During the design phase we enured that colors, font sizes, and backgrounds were easy to distiguish and made the content easy to read. – During the development phase we structured the HTML using best practices and frequently checked the website using an ADA compliance tool. Once launched the website was passing compliance tests and ensuring that all users will find it easy to use.

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