At Motion Tactic, we are constantly re-evaluating and improving the processes and tools we use to design and develop websites. Through years of experience, we discovered which stages require the most client collaboration, and we found tools to help us improve communication during those stages.

During a website project there are three stages that require the most communication:

  1. Design Review – Wireframes and website mockups are complete and ready for client review and feedback
  2. Content Collection – Wireframes or website mockups have been approved and are now ready for the client to write content for the pages
  3. Website Feedback Collection / Bug Reporting – Website is staged on a hosting server and is ready for client to provide feedback

While we have improved these touch points in our business, we still felt the tools we discovered had their own sets of limitations and challenges. Most of our collaborative communication still remained heavily in email.

Three different stages of client collaboration. Three different softwares or processes we used to communicate with our clients. Every step between gathering content and collecting feedback was through a different platform. Seeing the need for a more streamlined experience, we’ve founded SimpleStage.

SimpleStage is a 3-in-1 client communication tool made for digital web agencies. The software is designed to collect client content, design feedback, track bugs, and collect website feedback.

How does SimpleStage work?

SimpleStage was built with the web agency timeline and flow in mind. Starting with design, our software allows you to send wireframes or full designs using the design feedback tools to your clients with annotations to add more clarity around certain features or aspects to the designs.

Once designs are uploaded, you can simply request feedback from your client. After they are done, you can see all their edits directly on top of your uploaded designs.

Best part? You see what they see. We have all been stumped when a client sends us feedback with zero context, so we made sure once feedback has been made, a screenshot of their screen accompanies the task.

During the wireframe and design process, SimpleStage’s content collection tools help us collect content from clients before we start the website development. Start a new content collection request using those approved designs and make annotations and set word counts to show where content needs to be created or written.

Finally, the last and one of the most important tools on SimpleStage are the Website Feedback Tools. Your team can organize and track revisions made by your clients. Simply install a script on their live or staging site and send a request for web feedback via SimpleStage. From there, your client will have the ability to mark directly on their own site with built-in annotation and mark up tools.

SimpleStage collects all the necessary information such as screen width, browser, and a screenshot of what they saw when they reported the issue.

How has SimpleStage helped our agency?

SimpleStage unifies our client communication and helps us to keep track of all of the collaboration that is necessary to make great websites. We no longer have to sift through countless communication channels for content or revisions to find what our clients are referring to. SimpleStage has made it easy to understand our clients needs, collaborate with them, and deliver great websites.