You may have had a website built a while back that was state of the art at the time, but is it up to industry standards today? We’ve compiled a few signs that can tell you when it may be time for a website update or redesign.

Mobile Responsiveness

Does your website view and function well on mobile devices? The constant increase in website visits on phones and tablets means it is becoming even more important for your site to deliver a great user experience on all devices. Developers, like ours at Motion Tactic, have the ability to implement code that is responsive on all platforms. So when someone looks on your site from a phone or tablet, it still looks great!



Higher Industry Standards

The standards for websites in your industry may be significantly higher than they were years ago, and for good reason. Consumers will often check out an organization’s website before working with them or purchasing anything. Have you checked your competitors’ websites lately? A new website could give you a powerful advantage in terms of gravitating people toward your business.




Most stats show that the average time a visitor will wait for a webpage to load is around 3 seconds. If your website’s loading time is slow and your bounce rate is high, it could greatly improve with updating code. Not only will fast loading speeds keep visitors on your site, it will help with your site’s SEO ranking.

Is it time for your site to be updated or redesigned? Let us know if now is a good time to start the conversation.
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