First, let’s go over why branding is important to your business. When new clients or customers see your brand, it’s the very first impression of who you are as a business. Does your brand tell them that you’re professional? Outdated? Modern? Unique?

Branding is the look and feel of your business from the first impression down to the finished product or service. When businesses come to us for new branding, we often hear that they are sick of their outdated 90’s logo and color scheme. They want something new and fresh, but more importantly, they want something that represents their business.

If you find your business is not being represented by your brand, read on to learn about the steps we take when we begin branding for a client:


Get Inspired

We start off by finding inspiration for your logo. We look at what logos are being used by the competition. Then we figure out how to make yours the best! We do market research on current styles and future styles, so that your brand is timeless and appealing. This is one of the most important steps for branding, because this is where we need your feedback the most!


Learn what elements are important to the company.

From the inspiration, we learn what elements in a logo are important to you. Do you want to be represented by a single icon, like Apple? Or do you want your logo spelled out? We want to make sure we know exactly what your expectations are for your logo, while combining our creative expertise to give your brand a wow-factor.

  • Modern
  • Reliable
  • Welcoming
  • Professional
  • Recognizable


Design a logo that represents where your company is going.

Our designers will take all the information and inspiration that we’ve collected and begin sketching out a couple designs. From there, we will determine which direction appeals to you most. After you choose a sketch, our designers will then present a few completed designs. Once you pick the winner, we design variations of the logo that will be used for different aspects of your company. For example, a logo for the website, a logo for your email signature, a logo for your brand materials. We’ll teach you how to use each of the three variations, so you don’t have to worry about which goes for what!



Power Strike Pest Control New Logo Design by Motion Tactic


Pick a color palette.

In order to complete the branding, we will then choose colors that best represent your brand. These colors will be reused on your website, social media platforms, and print materials. The color palette is how clients or customers will immediately recognize your brand based on your logo and colors.



Create a style guide for future branding purposes.

We’d never expect you to memorize your color palette or your new font styles. We create a style guide that details all of this information. Color guide with the color codes. That ensures the color on your website will match the business cards exactly. No questions. Your style guide will also include your three logo variations and any additional typography that we do for you. It encompasses all the new branding we’ve done for you and if you choose to get a new website done (hopefully with us!), your website designer will use it to create a cohesive website design that matches your brand perfectly!

Let us know if you have any other questions about branding or designing! We’d be happy to answer them!

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