At Motion Tactic, our team members are passionate about what they do best.

Our designers study and research new design trends on a weekly basis. Our developers are always working on improving their code with new practices. When the two teams come together, magic happens (cheesy, but true).

When hiring an agency to create a new website for your company, it is crucial to make sure there are designated designers and developers within the agency.

Our developers are only responsible for building websites; our designers are responsible only for designing websites.

The two teams are very different, but they share a common goal. The goal is to create a website for the client that entices their target audience to engage in the website content.


Website developers and website graphic designers in Tempe, Arizona


What’s the difference between the two roles?

  • Once you have decided to work with us, our designers are the first to begin working on your new website. They start the wireframing process and are responsible for creating the feel and overall look of the website.


  • Developers, on the other hand, will begin on your website once your designs have been completed and approved by you. They are responsible for bringing the designs to life on the web.


  • Designers tend to be more creative and artistic, whereas developers tend to be more analytical.


  • Designers use tools such as Adobe software and Sketch. Developers write in languages such as PHP, Javascript, CSS, and HTML.


  • Designers create a website that appeals to the user experience, while developers build the website to be easy to manage for the content manager/team.


While they have different roles, the two teams work very close together to complete the project and they rely heavily on one another for feedback and review. We are proud to have a team that works so seamlessly together to create our web projects. Each team member brings a different perspective on how the website can be better for the client.

If you’re ready to chat more about your website, we would love to sit down with you and introduce you to our talented team of designers and developers! Click here to meet the faces behind your website!

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