Cooper Law Partners

Cooper Law Partners is a nationally recognized, award winning legal team known for their ability to secure maximum compensation victories for their clients.


The Cooper Law Partners team is dedicated to providing the best results for individuals and families who have been severely injured. Representing celebrities, U.S. Senators, and Presidential candidates, Cooper Law Partners are highly experienced at the state, federal, and Supreme Court level. Cooper Law Partners came to us with a goal of refreshing their website and implementing marketing strategies to help them connect injury victims with world class legal representation.

Our Approach

Cooper Law Partners is a national network of lawyers, so our solutions needed to fit the scalability needs of a national marketing strategy. Our engagement with Cooper Law Partners started with the design and development of a new website that speaks to their experience and accolades

With an updated and flexible website, we begun content and SEO optimizations for Cooper Law Partners to help them achieve their goal of increasing contact form submissions.

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