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How We Price

Written by Tyler Morian

Where we are in the market

Motion Tactic is not the lowest cost option when it comes to website design and development. While price is always a concern when considering who you choose to work with, we know that it isn’t the only factor.

We are a 100% U.S. based and in-house design and development agency. We focus on creating the highest quality websites that we can while maintaining industry competitive pricing.

Minutes, hours, days, or weeks?

Due to the complexity and duration of our average projects, we create our estimates based on the amount of days that will be needed for each full time team member working on the project. We consider a day to be 7 billable hours. At the start of a website project we consult with the team members who will be performing the work and collect their estimates.

Days x 7 hours per day x hourly rate = project cost

What changes price

While we do our best to uncover as much as we can about a project during the discovery phase, we know we’ll never be able to perfectly scope every project. We aim to be flexible when the unexpected happens and find ways to serve our clients’ needs within agreed upon budgets.

When needs or preferences change during the course of a project that require significant addition or rework we may flag them for review and propose a change order/increased budget to accommodate.

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