Website trends have progressed quickly and continuously throughout the past few years, and 2018 has been no exception. Now more than ever, websites need to offer enhanced, modern experiences in order to grab a visitor’s attention and keep them engaged. Check out a few of the latest trends we’ve seen that could help make your website state of the art the second half of the year.


Web Animation

Interactivity is becoming increasingly popular on websites these days. If the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is true, then animations could be worth 10,000 words. Designers are finding that animation can grab attention easily, communicate information and give brands a strong personality, all in a matter of seconds. Animated logos and GIFs are just two examples of implementations that could boost engagement.


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Custom Illustrations

Canvas art and graphic design are coming together like never before with custom illustrations. While photos and videos are still great ways to show off brand image and personality on your website, illustrations can go a step further when done correctly. Any visitor can project themselves into an illustration since defining traits such as race, gender, nationality, etc. are typically left ambiguous. The easier it is for visitors to relate to content, the more they will be into it.



What better way to grab attention to the writing on your site than with large, visually appealing headings paired with dynamic body text? Scanning eyes of visitors are rarely able to resist reading your value statement when it’s easy to see. Typography allows organizations to quickly and easily convey their personality and tone to evoke emotion, all while communicating important information. Furthermore, great headers are key Search Engine Optimization elements.



Principles-First Design

The best trend any organization can follow is the idea that your principles come first. Implementing a trend just for the sake of including it could potentially ruin the experience of your site. If you establish your organization’s principles then tailor your website to support them, you will be able to create a positive experience for your ideal visitor.


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