Seth Troutt: Redemption Gateway

October 27th 2020

In today's episode Kyle and Tyler talk with Seth Troutt, an associate pastor at Redemption Gateway. Seth joined Redemption in 2016 and has since seen the church double in size. Seth gives us an inside look into the challenges that they have faced while managing growth and how they have managed to scale operations through mentorship and the development of leadership.


Seth Troutt is the Associate Pastor of Ministries at Redemption Church Gateway. He started his career working for a different church in the valley within their music department at 18 years old. Since then, he worked in several different roles in churches. He has been with Redemption Church since 2016. Redemption has 10 congregations all over Arizona. Seth works at the Gateway church, which is located in Mesa, Arizona. 

Seth describes his experience with leadership early in his career:

“It was unpleasant and I didn’t have a lot of training. I kind of knew how you’re supposed to treat people. I knew that when people have skills, you want to maximize them. You don’t want to bottleneck them. You don’t want to micromanage them. At best, you’re leading with your heart and that is to inspire them to work hard. You’re not micromanaging them into efficiency.”

One of the downsides of scaling into a larger organization:

“There’s a grieving process that comes with scaling. People who used to know everything, now they don’t know everything - that’s frustrating… It makes the need to do culture work way more intentional.” 

Seth says that the number one job description for any role at their church is “culture-making.” Whether the job is to check children into the ministry program or to usher guests to seats, every single role should lead first to creating culture. 

How Seth and his church dealt with the challenges of 2020:

“It’s not really any different than any other business. We all pivot or die.” Seth goes on to explain how his church recently spent 10.5 million on a new church building, only months before Covid hit the states. He jokes that their brand new church facility became a temporary video studio, since they decided to close their doors to the public in order to control the spread of the virus. 

Additional Notes: 

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