Scott Kaufmann: Highnoon

February 23rd 2021

Scott Kaufmann is a partner at Highnoon, which is an all-in-one agency that provides digital marketing and consulting services for many industries and verticals. While the agency is about a year old, their history extends far beyond that. The leadership of Lucid Agency and Bigfish Creative Group designed Highnoon together, and combined their specific talents of design and marketing to create one company that can competitively offer a unique experience and expertise to their clients.


During our conversation with Scott, he shares what fascinated him in the marketing industry, how he started, and what the future of his new company looks like. 

Scott’s intrigue in marketing:

“I got into the idea of ‘how do we create really cool experiences through content’ and evaluating not just the content but the overall customer journey that people would have while doing things online.”

The complexities of marketing for companies:

“There’s a million different ways that brands can communicate with customers. You can go online and you can tweet their CEO. You can send an email to the support people or get in touch with logistics. You can talk to people that are managing social media and marketing. You can really communicate in a number of different ways...and every part of that a customer experiences is incredibly important.”

What does marketing look like today: 

“The customer has so much control over what that [buying] experience looks like and the expectations are so high for how they want to participate with the brands that they’re working with that they need to have a great experience on all those touch points.”

What was a key decision you made when starting Lucid?

“I wanted the details to be right. When we were delivering things to clients, I wanted everything to be perfect down to the cent in every report every time. We made sure that we were really good with analytics and understanding it. I was very passionate about how to make this understandable.” 

Are there any channels or strategies that you’re really optimistic about right now?

“Instagram marketing is highly effective right now, particularly for e-commerce, direct sale, or direct lead generation. It’s very good, because they are a masterful platform at putting the right message in front of somebody in a time when they are engaged and thinking and looking at good content. For a number of reasons, it’s pretty effective comparatively to a lot of other channels. I think that will continue for quite a while.”

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