Lawrence Jarvey: Provision Coffee

March 9th 2021

Lawrence Jarvey is the co-founder of Provision Coffee, which is a specialty coffee roaster, cocktail bar, and eatery in Phoenix, AZ. The company is now in its 11th year of operation. Provision Coffee celebrates community and enjoys creating meaningful space and company for employees as well as customers.


During our conversation, Lawrence shares where his vision started with coffee and community. He talks about his future goals for the business and how he values his employees. If you are local to the Phoenix area, we highly recommend you visit Provision Coffee in Phoenix!

Where did the name PROVISION come from?

Lawrence found his passion between coffee and supporting third world countries. He says, “I wanted to use coffee to provide provision, which was healthcare, education, water, micro-financing, sustainability. All of the things that the definition of provision would provide for someone.” 

Why does PROVISION believe in paying their baristas higher than minimum wage?

“When you give somebody a livable wage in the state of Arizona, to own a home, to be able to provide for their family, to drive a car, and not be in debt, now they’re not stressed out. So when I take that off the table and give somebody security as an employee, they come to work and they are the best barista you’ve ever seen.” 

Advice for entrepreneurs:

“Relationships will definitely unlock growth, but I think that the key as an entrepreneur is you just have to do stuff. You just need to start doing it. The relationship might start something, but as soon as you say yes, that’s where the fuel comes from.”

Changing the paradigm of current culture:

“If we start focusing on other people as opposed to our own success, what happens is that people start showing up for you. The focus of this narcissistic culture that we live in is no longer narcissistic, it’s focused on serving on the least of these.”

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