Gil Sandoval: Sandoval Agency

November 3rd 2020

In this episode Kyle and I meet with Gil Sandoval from Sandoval Agency. We've known Gil for the better part of a decade and he has been a super influential part of my career. Gil took a chance on me when I first getting into the field and he offered me my first job while he was getting his business started. I had the opportunity to learn a ton while working with him and in a lot of ways he's influenced the path that we've taken with Motion Tactic.


“What you like as a creative or a marketer is really irrelevant, it’s what works for the business. You have to marry what you like or what your art is with a business objective and figure out how to find that middle ground - and that’s where you’re going to find that sweet spot.” - Gil Sandoval

Gil started as a designer when he was 17 years old in Los Angeles - knocking door-to-door offering businesses his design services. Sandoval Agency evolved from doing freelance designs and has grown into a full agency with design, film, and marketing services. The business is owned by Gil and his three brothers - Mani, Dan, and Josh.

A pivotal moment was moving from a 675 sq. ft. office in downtown Chandler to a larger space next door where his business would have more room to support an in-house team. Everyone told him not to, because of where they were at in their business, but they took a chance. Since then, they have agencies in Arizona, Michigan, LA, and Mexico. They work with companies such as Lionsgate, Disney, and Warner Bro.

Gil’s strategy when trying to gain new business:

“We realized very quickly that if we just send in a proposal, we leave it up to their interpretation - whether they decide to sign it or not. So we started saying ‘We want to meet you.’ We don’t want to talk about the work - we just want to meet with you.”

When asked about how he handles risk in business?

“We can lose all of this tomorrow, but we can start again the next day. Because now we know the roadmap… If you guys lost all of this, imagine how much information, knowledge, wisdom you have now, knowing what you know - you can just do it again.”

His thoughts on 2020:

“We have to continue pushing the envelope to see how far we can take this and see how far we can grow. For us, it’s not about a website, not about a campaign, it’s not about a movie - it’s about where we’re going. It’s about our vision and the mission for our company. It goes beyond 2020. It goes beyond a bad year. A good month, for that matter.”

The criteria of how they choose their next project and who to work with:

1. We have to be passionate about the project
2. Profitable for business
3. Leads to growth for where we want to go

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