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Why You Need Responsive Web Design

September 6, 2018 - Written by Kyle Narducci
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In order to discover the importance of responsive web design, we first must dive into what exactly a responsive website layout is. On average, people in the US spend around two and a half hours on their phones each day.

Mobile Friendly Website Design Isn’t an Option Anymore

We conduct business on our phones, look up places to eat, and even go shopping on our phones. The little devices we keep in our pockets have become necessities. We know we aren’t the only ones who feel off when they forget their phone at home. It’s our communication to the outside world, and we refuse to give it up.

For many organizations, an individual looking up their business online through their smartphone becomes the first impression they make of the company.

Ask yourself these questions…
How does your first impression look?
Do your images fit the screen of a smartphone?
Does your text appear legible at an appropriate size for a phone?
Is your menu easy to navigate?
Is the content flexible with each page?

Asking yourself these questions will help determine whether your custom website is currently responsive on mobile devices. If you find yourself answering no to at least one of these, you may be losing customers who visit your site. Having responsive web design leads to increased user engagement and a lower bounce rate.


Tyler Morian, our Co-founder states,

“We know that having a mobile friendly website is essential, so we write all of our code to be optimized for mobile. Once the custom website is complete, we always test to make sure that it passes Google’s Mobile Friendly test. If the code is optimized, and the site passes Google’s test, you can be confident that you aren’t losing customers due to mobile responsive issues.”

Our goal for each project is to create an engaging website for our clients that is convenient, memorable, and easy to navigate. We want to give your visitors a positive experience with your custom website and brand. With the growing number of smartphone users, responsive website layouts are no longer an afterthought but instead an essential aspect of every website.

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