When was the last time you thought about your competition? Maybe it’s a thought that crosses your mind often. Or it may be a thought that you rarely have. Regardless of the frequency, we have all checked out the competition once or twice and the easiest way to do this is by looking at their digital marketing.

At Motion Tactic, we believe it is important to stand out amongst your competitors in order to ensure your customers that you are the best option in the industry.

Digital Marketing and Your Business

The best way to show off your skill and capabilities compared to your competitors is through your online presence. How much time does your business spend on their digital marketing?

If your social media and custom website are lacking good content and don’t represent your business well, you may not be spending enough time on your marketing efforts.

We have found that a company’s online presence is crucial for first impressions with potential clients, personal engagement with current clients, and the ability to show off new products, projects, and services.


Digital website agency in Tempe, Arizona Motion Tactic

1. First Impressions

Your online presence is the first impression your potential clients have of your organization. What they see on your social media and website will quickly determine whether or not you are the right business for them. When designing a new brand and custom website for our clients, we do our best to ensure the website represents them professionally and experienced.


2. Get on a personal level with your audience

When companies don’t prioritize their digital marketing, they are missing a huge opportunity to connect on a more personal level with their clients. Social media, specifically, is a great window into your business: the day-to-day environment and the projects you are working on give people more insight to your organization and make them more interested in working with you.


3. Show off new products, projects, and services

A website and social presence provides businesses with consistency in their brand and in what they offer. Show off your new project, product, or service by putting it on your custom website and showing it off on your social media pages. Your clients or customers may not realize they need your new product or service until they see you showing it off.


How does your company stand against competitors online? If your biggest competitor has a brand new website while your website is from 2008, you may be losing business without realizing it. We would love to send your our website audit checklist to see how your website ranks. You can download the website audit checklist here.