When it comes to rebuilding an enterprise B2B software website, the planning stages of the project require all hands on deck. We have found when the C-Suite is involved early on and have buy-in on the project, the website launches as expected with fewer hiccups along the way. 

As a marketing leader, your approach to the new website should include discovery at the beginning with the executive team. We have seen projects fall through the cracks after the budget is spent only to never launch, because the executive team didn’t have buy-in at the very start. 

To better understand the goals of your executive team, ask them these five questions. The goal for this exercise is to give you clarity on your executive team’s goals and expectations for the new website. Secondly, you’ll be able to push go-to-market initiatives forward that each department has, as well as get the budget you’re looking for.

Do we have our product and solution offerings clearly defined?

Surprisingly, many times teams have not reached an agreement on what they define as products versus solutions. When your team has this clearly defined, the web build runs smoother and allows for good user flows with intuitive design for your users to navigate. 

What goals does each department have for the new website and who are their stakeholders? (i.e. HR, Sales, Marketing, Product)

Document each department’s goals for the project. When you give each department a seat at the table, the website won’t only serve the marketing department but all departments. Define who at the executive level is responsible for making a decision and present your stakeholder findings to the executive team to create transparency. 

Who exactly is our ideal customer(s), what is our voice, and what are our visual principles? 

This question seems like a no brainer to be included on a list like this, but it’s surprising how many enterprise B2B software companies do not have their ICP agreed upon. Create an initiative with your executive team, creative director, and head of content to establish centralized documentation of your ICP, voice, and visual principles, prior to engaging an outside firm for the website build. 

Agencies will tell you that they can create these documents for you and that’s true. However, they will not be able to work across the organization like you, as a marketing leader, can.

What is in scope? What is out of scope?

Come to a consensus for what the tangible deliverables are for the project. Enterprise B2B software companies have other digital properties like support websites, trade show websites, paid marketing landing pages, etc. Many of these properties run on other 3rd party platforms and the agency whom you engage with will need to know where these properties exist and if they should be built into the new website. 

How will success be qualitatively and quantifiably measured?

Marketers should always be accountable for delivering marketing sourced revenue to the organization. Commit to delivering the executive team results that are quantifiable. An example of this would be “increasing qualified pipeline by 30%” or “improve our web traffic to lead conversion rate from 2% to 5%.” Track the results of these numbers in your CRM and report on them. 

The website should also be a category leader in design and development. This would count towards a qualitative measure of success. There are enough enterprise B2B software companies that have websites with high conversion rates. It’s an investment in brand and scalable web infrastructure that creates category leading web design and development increasing brand perception.  

Final Thoughts

These are the most important questions for the executive team to consider. The rest of the details can be delegated to other team members across the organization. All of this research and planning should culminate in a concise project brief to identify the primary and secondary objectives for the project. Our goal as marketers is to deliver results to the organization that are tied to revenue. Setting this tone with the executive team will you get the support and buy-in you need to make this project a success.

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