Website Security and Your Business

Protect Your Customers Through Your Website Security

With the holiday season here, online shopping is much more prevalent and checking a website’s credibility is more crucial than ever. A secure website ensures that your data will not be intercepted by anyone who should not be getting your information. When a website is secure, there is a layer of encryption between the web server and the browser.

Tempe Arizona Web Developer and Graphic Designer Planning Website Security

How do you check website security?

Website security can be determined on every online site. In order to find out if your site is secure, look at the URL of your website. An easy way to find out if the website is secure is to determine if the URL starts with ‘HTTP’ or ‘HTTPS’. The additional ‘S’ at the end is what determines if the site is secure or not.

Security Certificates: Are they necessary?

A website is made "secure" by installing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security certificate. A SSL certificate is a way to prove that you own the domain and any information that you submit to the site or receive from the site will be encrypted.

This prevents anyone from capturing that information over the air and using it maliciously.

A good example of this in action is when you submit a payment online. You enter your card number into a form and then submit it to the site. Without an SSL certificate, the card number would be sent in plain text and would be very easy for someone on the same network to steal.


Tempe Arizona Web Agency Planning Website Security

Is it okay for my site not to be secure?

While you are not required to have website security, it will make your website more appealing to users and search engines. Google will prioritize websites that are secure in their search browsing before they show websites that are not secure.

Having a secure website is crucial if your business does any financial transactions of any kind. Your customers will feel safer using your website when they see it is secure for their personal information.

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