In most B2B SaaS organizations, a “lead” is defined as someone who has filled out a form on a landing page. But the fact that they filled out your landing page doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready to purchase your product. This is what we consider a low intent buying indicator. These leads get sent to your sales team and unfortunately don’t go very far, because they did not express much interest in buying. End result: your sales team feeling frustrated with lackluster leads. 

Company leadership should be asking, “what are we expecting from the marketing department?” and “how should we measure their success?” 

The CEO will say marketing teams are successful, if their efforts are tied to new revenue - and they would be right. When we look at marketing through the lens of generating revenue we redefine what makes a good lead. 

A good lead is someone with a high intent to buy meaning they request a demo, want more pricing info, or express their interest in speaking to a sales rep. No unique labels like MQL, SQL are necessary.

The case for “ungated” content

In order to capture more leads, many marketers require their customer to give some information in exchange for content. That has been the name of the game for the last decade. This causes the pipeline to be over inflated because it’s filled with “leads” with low buying intent. 

Gaetano DiNardi is a leading voice in growth marketing. He’s an advocate for ungating content and he does this with his content at Nextiva. The philosophy of ungating your content is to remove all barriers to resources and content, such as webinars, ebooks, case studies, and market studies. 

When a customer receives free, “ungated” education from your company, they are more likely to return three months from now when the CEO asks his or her team to find a solution for “xyz” problem. 

Successfully generating demand for your product means gaining the trust of your customers. One way to build that trust is by giving access to content that helps buyers make decisions. Customers know what happens next when you put a form in place to prevent them from accessing quality content. And some may not be ready to make that commitment. 

Rather than spending time creating “gated” content that doesn’t get as many views, the focus should instead be on how to generate leads with high intent. Provide value to your customers and they will remember your company. 

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