As a marketing manager or business owner, we know how important it is for you to create sales and revenue for your company. We also understand how difficult it is to continually come up with unique ideas for marketing and sales that grab your ideal client’s attention. A custom website can solve these problems.

While you may have a website, you must take a moment to evaluate how much your website contributes to your sales. If your current site is non-responsive, dull, and difficult to navigate, you may be losing business instead of reaching your target audience.

At Motion Tactic, we are a diverse group of marketers, designers, and web developers. We want to create a lasting solution for you and your business in order to ensure your custom website meets your company’s needs and stands strong against any of your competitors.


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Whether you’ve already decided you need a new website or are considering the change, let us guide you through the process of what developing a new site looks like.

Before we begin developing a new custom website, we take the time to get to know our clients and their wants/needs. Because the look, feel, and functionality are so crucial to any website, it is where we spend a bulk of our time during the project.

Once we have established goals, timelines, and scope of your web project, we want to begin to understand what it is you’re looking for in your design. Our talented team of graphic designers have the capabilities to create anything you envision for your business, but we need some guidance from you and your team first.


Here are a list of questions you’ll want to ask your stakeholders, sales team, and even your current long term clients:


Who is our ideal client? How can we tailor this website to meet their needs?

Consider asking your long-term clients what would be helpful to them on your new website. Ask them if they had any hesitations to work with you based on your current website. Are their any features missing from your website that could help drive more business to you?


What features are important to us on the new website?

Website trends are quickly evolving. Determine whether or not you would like to see animations, custom iconography, unique typography, or any other aspects to your website.


What websites inspire us?

They don’t have to be in your industry, but begin to collect a list of websites that speak to you and make you feel excited about what your new website could look like.


What do our competitors’ sites look like?

Take a look at your competition and step into the shoes of your potential client. Note what things may appeal to them on your competitor’s site and compare it to how those things are displayed are on your current website.


Do we want to stick with our current style guide and branding materials?

Ask your team if everyone is content with your current font styles, logo designs, and brand colors.


Are we interested in re-branding?

We specialize in logo and brand design for companies looking to get a new look. Let us know if you are interested in hearing more about our branding packages.


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If you are ready to answer these questions with our team, we would love to sit down with you to chat more about what your new website could look like. We want to help you avoid another year of your website losing you business, when it has the potential to bring in clients. As we approach the end of 2018, be sure to have the proper team partnering with you to take your company to the next level.