Its Motion Tactic’s one year anniversary, and we have many reasons to celebrate. Though our first year in business hasn’t always been easy, we have grown in so many ways.

We started as two guys - Kyle and Tyler - who wanted to do what we loved to do professionally. With our skills and talents pooled together, we wanted to build something on the side that could eventually replace the full-time jobs we had at the time.

By landing a few large projects early on, we faced a decision that would dramatically change our future. It was a scary decision at the time, but we are grateful we made the choice to jump in full-time and build a business we were dreaming of building.


How it all started...

We called Black Rock coffee shop our HQ for a period of time. Taking conference calls out of the car and growing our team inside of a coffee shop was exciting although it seemed amateur to us. Finding an office space seemed like another huge leap for us.

Most of the growth decisions we make still have that feeling of knowing we need to make a leap, yet having that butterfly-like feeling in our stomach of uncertainty. We shortly found ourselves in a 361 square foot office on Mill Ave in Downtown Tempe and trying to hire our 5th employee. Knowing that we were going to all be crammed into that small of a space did not seem conducive to producing great work, so we found a larger space nearby. Since then, we have continued to invest back into growing our team by expanding the design, development, and content marketing teams within Motion Tactic.


One Year Anniversary - Motion Tactic


Our team culture...

At Motion Tactic, we are by far and large most excited about having the opportunity to work together as a team to create things that we are proud of. We love collaborating together to create custom websites that use unique design and development techniques to make things more appealing to web audiences. Our culture of openness and transparency has created an environment that we all feel comfortable in, enjoy, and do our best work in. This is a principle we work hard to instill in our company.



Our future...

Our future involves continuing to refine our craft of custom website design, development, and strategy. We have the mentality that our job is to work as a team to get better at what we do everyday. We want to continually learn to get better and implement new and creative solutions for our clients. The second year of Motion Tactic will undoubtedly be just as challenging and exciting as the first year, but we hope that our guiding principle of working together and getting better as a team will continue to yield positive results where we can create work that we are all proud of.