With more than 57 million users, LinkedIn is a must-use tool for those looking for professional networking opportunities. However, there is much more to the platform than just networking. LinkedIn users are able to search and apply for jobs, create and share content, develop their personal brand and more!

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn is the oldest, most trusted social network, and is one of the fastest growing social platforms. With so much opportunity, LinkedIn is the perfect place for B2B companies to expand their brand awareness. According to Hootsuite:

  • 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for organic marketing

  • 80% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for paid marketing

  • 33% of decision makers in B2B companies use LinkedIn for purchase research

  • Companies that post at least once a week on LinkedIn see 2x more engagement

Keep reading to learn how our top 5 tips for using LinkedIn for B2B marketing can boost your B2B company's exposure and, in time, increase sales.

Tip #1: Don’t Be A Content Repeater

On LinkedIn, your connections follow your business because what you share contributes value to them. Therefore, it is important to diversify your LinkedIn content from your website posts, email blasts, and even other social media posts to continue to provide worthwhile content for your network. 

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t promote content on LinkedIn. Say you make a blog post, just like this one, for your company's website. You absolutely should share it on LinkedIn! However, sharing a link with no unique context that differs from its original source will provide little value for both you and your network. Contribute something to the post to make it unique and make the content relatable to you, your company, and your LinkedIn audience. 

Along with diversifying your content across your platforms, it is important to diversify the type of content you are publishing. On LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to conduct a live stream or create text, video, image, or article posts. Each medium has its pros and cons, so make sure you are choosing the right post for your message. 

Struggling to make your content unique and valuable for your network? Check out these tips from Disruptive Advertising on how to make your LinkedIn content stand out

Tip #2: Utilize LinkedIn’s Personal Messages To Create Relationships 

Make the most of LinkedIn’s messaging feature by starting conversations with connections you believe could be the right fit to work with your B2B company. 

LinkedIn gives users the opportunity to send a message when sending a connection request. Use this initial connection message to create a relationship. Do not start a new connection request with a sales pitch for your B2B solution. Write them a personal message, state any mutual connections or interests you may share, and give them a reason to want to be in your network.

After your connection request is accepted, it is important to personalize your messaging to members of your network. This is where your sales pitch can begin. Put emphasis on a pain point for their company or specific position based on their industry and share how your B2B product or service can be the solution. 

Skylead has some great message outreach templates if you are unsure where to start with outreach messages.

Tip #3: Integrate LinkedIn With Your Company’s Marketing Strategy

While LinkedIn has some amazing marketing capabilities, it isn’t a stand-alone marketing tool. The message your B2B company portrays on LinkedIn should align with your overall brand marketing strategy to create consistent messaging. 

Say your brand uses a lighthearted, humorous tone across your other content, but your LinkedIn page is filled with buzzwords trying to appeal to the type of people you think use LinkedIn. That messaging doesn’t accurately reflect your company’s brand  and will weaken marketing efforts through lack of consistency. 

You can still be professional while staying true to your brand, and that authenticity will be appreciated by your network and ultimately bring added value to your company.

Tip #4: Be Social

LinkedIn is a social network after all! Comment on posts on your feed, join groups, and get the conversation going around topics you are knowledgeable about. 

With LinkedIn Groups, you can join a group with users who are in a similar industry or share similar interests with the goal of helping you build your network and increase your knowledge. If there isn't a group for your specific industry or interest, make one! If there is something you are passionate about, share that with the world and improve your credibility and value to your network — which can turn into B2B sales leads.

Tip #5: Go For Paid

LinkedIn offers robust capabilities for paid advertising not just limited to sponsored content in the feed such as, targeted advertising campaigns, promoted messaging outreach, and creation of sponsored content. Useful targeting filters we’ve seen success with are company headcount, industry, and job title. 

With the right strategy, LinkedIn ads have the potential to be wildly successful. A successful paid strategy will require some investment, so it is important to create a conversation around the cost of advertising on the platform. The cost-per-click of paid search is far less than the cost of running LinkedIn ads but you are paying for the direct attention of your buyers by implementing the targeting filters. 

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If your company is looking to develop a paid marketing strategy and increase your B2B sales through LinkedIn, our team at Motion Tactic can help! 

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