Choosing your web developer should be an intentional process. Your website is direct communication to your ideal customer, and it is crucial for your web presence to be top-notch. Whether your designer and developer are on the same team or you hire both individually, you will want to make sure both teams are on the same page.

Web Development Portfolio

It may seem obvious to look at a graphic designer’s portfolio before hiring them. You will want to see their past projects and work to ensure you like their style and designs. The same goes for your web development team. You will want to look at past websites they have built in order to see if you like the way they work.

A few ways you can check out a developer’s work:
- Look at animations on their past projects and see if there are smooth transitions.
- Check if they pay attention to details with sizing and page layouts.
- Test the websites to ensure they are mobile-friendly.
- Also, take a look at how quickly pages load with content.

Your Website Needs

Before working with your graphic designer and web developer, you will want to determine what website needs you have. Is it a full redevelopment or minor edits? Depending on your needs, you will want to find a team that supports the type of work you have.

Communication with Your Dev Team

It’s no secret how important communication with your team is. Poor communication can leave you with hours of wasted work, or even worse, a disappointing finished product. Before you begin working with a development team, determine who you point of contact is and how to best get in touch with them. This will alleviate any confusion around communication and help launch your website quicker.

When you are deciding whether to work with a development team, it’s important to meet the people you will be working with. While you might not meet the developers, you should meet with the project manager of the team. They are the ones who will make sure the project is complete to your specifications and any edits will be made before launch.


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Content Management System

One important aspect of your website is not seen by anyone but you and your team. The CMS or Content Management System is used to manage, organize, and publish content to your website. It is how you make text edits, publish blog posts, change images, and update information. There are several CMS platforms out there, and each development team has their preference on which they use to build websites. Our preferred CMS is WordPress. We appreciate how much creative freedom we have using WordPress in order to give you a website that you’re proud of. WordPress is also incredibly easy to manage for businesses. We suggest doing research on which CMS is best for your business.