The only form of advertising worth every dime of your money right now are Facebook lead ads. Through Facebook, you can send targeted ads towards people who fit your ideal customer profile. Facebook allows you to target people based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Facebook has over 1.6 billion users allowing you to connect your product or service to more people globally.

It’s affordable. If you have a great ad that people are interested in, Facebook will show it to more people which will lower your cost per lead.

Facebook has numerous advertising options but the two that will pay you dividends are lead ads and conversion ads. With lead ads, you can post an engaging advertisement and if somebody is interested in learning more, they fill out a Facebook form and you get their contact information. Conversion ads send people to your website where they can read an e-book or blog post that you are advertising in exchange for their contact information.

What adds even more value is that Facebook will also run your ad on Instagram.
Both forms of ads are extremely valuable for you as an advertiser if you offer users something of high-value, also known as a “lead magnet”, that will help them in some aspect of their business.


Here is how to get started:

If your company has a Facebook page – go to “create an ad” and you will see this interface:


You’ll see the “lead generation” option and the “conversions” option. Both of these options will yield leads via contact forms if you set them up for that which is strongly recommended so that you can start growing your database of people interested in your product/solution and so that you can enter them into an email marketing system.