Never before has there been a marketing method so inexpensive. A Facebook ad allows you to engage a complete stranger on Facebook who works for x company that you've always wanted to work with.

The fact is that we can do a ton of research on how to do something and never really try it out. This is what happened to me. I would look at a successful Facebook advertisement in my feed and think that it would be nice to do something like that someday, but never really get around to doing it. Until I realized that it would save me time, effort, and money in my quest to connect more people with my brand.

Even if your first Facebook ad totally blows, you test it for 10 days, spend $100, and get 3 leads. These are 3 new opportunities you didn't have before and you learned a ton about what to do differently on your second Facebook ad. It will likely take you a month of trial to really nail down the target audience, ad creative, and copy that appeals to your audience. However, once you have our ad dialed it, your cost per click goes way down, you're generating warm leads, and looking like a hero.

If you are in the auto industry, fundraising industry, education industry, or any B2B and B2C industry, spend 1 hour a night familiarizing yourself with Facebook ads if you are not already. You'll see that the basic premise of any advertisement driven towards lead generation is to understand your audience so well that you know exactly what they value and you give it to them. For instance, if I am in the automotive space as a marketing director, I don't want to waste my time sending ads towards people who are not in the market for a new car. Better yet, I'm a used car marketing director and want to target people who are in the market for a used car interested in a certain model. That is my target market and all ad creative and copy will be directed towards that prospective buyer. Don't send them a fancy ad directed towards a new car buyer, send them exactly what they want - the best deal on a used 2014 Toyota Corolla.

Facebook allows you to take advantage of their partnerships with data companies such as Polk data for understanding buyer personas in the automotive space. Folks in the fundraising industry or non-profit world can narrow down their audience by ideal donor demographics and send them information (white paper) that they would value in exchange for their phone number or email address.

People want to engage with your brand if you offer enough value in return.