It’s worthwhile to know that the average B2B SaaS website redesign takes on average 6-8 months to complete. This can be hard for marketing leaders to grasp during discovery calls. Everybody thinks that it won’t take this long until they discover that their stakeholders want to be more involved than originally anticipated. Copy is time consuming to write. There is a lot of QA that needs to be done so that the website goes live as flawless as can be. 

There’s nothing worse than rushing it for the sake of getting something new up for that upcoming investor meeting, product release, or poorly planned deadline set with the CEO. 

If you take away one thing from this blog post - the primary reason B2B SaaS website projects fail is because not enough time was dedicated to the project. 

But there are several other reasons that impact the success/failure rate of a redesign:

1. Stakeholder needs were not defined at the beginning of the project.

2. The design never gets approved by leadership causing endless time in revisions.

3. Marketing wants a new website, they start the project, show leadership, they shoot it down.

4. There isn’t anybody owning the project internally.

5. Technical needs were not fully thought through or built for needs 2 years down the road.

Being aware of these issues and spending a proper amount of time doing internal research and discovery (2-3 months of planning prior to engaging with an agency) will help you curb the likelihood of facing these project pain points. 

Longterm, your marketing website should adapt and grow just like your company will. A good website built with the right foundation will allow you the flexibility to scale alongside your company. 

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