Email isn't dead, it's far from it. Year after year email marketing continues to be incredibly impactful. For every dollar spent on email marketing companies can expect $38 ROI (Campaign Monitor) and your average software and Web App company can expect and to see an open rate of 21% and a click-through rate of 2.45%. (Mailchimp: Email Marketing Benchmarks). If email marketing hasn't made it into your marketing strategy by now, it's time to get started!

I recently discovered a resource that has helped my team to find email marketing inspiration that you need to check out! Really Good Emails is a searchable database of thousands of emails that have helped us when brainstorming content marketing email concepts, subjects lines, and design ideas. After spending some time digging through their database, I found a few different ways that digital marketers can easily engage their audience.

Really Good Emails examples that you should use

1. Promote a free resource

Example: Asana promoting an educational PDF

Free resources like case studies, industry reports, and technical guides are essential to an effective content marketing strategy and work great in email. Free resources are a great way to provide your email recipients with value that will build trust in your brand.

2. Show off a feature of your product

Example: inVision email promoting multiple features

Emails that promote a feature of your product can be a great way to engage your audience without being "salesy". Showing your audience ways that your product can help them brings them value, even more so if they are already paying customers who may benefit from upgrading their existing agreement to include new features that you are promoting.

3. Share a recent blog post

Example: Zoom newsletter that promotes their recent blog posts

Too many companies create content that they intend to publish on their website and fail to promote it successfully online. In this example, the Zoom newsletter promotes blog content that will certainly get more visibility and hopefully more backlinks because they have distributed the content via email.

Resources like Really Good Emails can be incredibly helpful when you are trying to find creative ways to connect with your customers. This post isn't sponsored by them in any way but I felt compelled to share since it was so helpful.

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