One of the first tasks we begin once a client has decided to move forward with us is the website wireframe process. Wireframing on your website is intentional planning of the structure and how we plan to design with our focus on the user experience.

Our purpose with the website wireframe is to define what content will be going on the custom website, where the content will be placed, and how the content will be presented to the user.

When we define what, where, and how the content will be presented in the website wireframes, our clients can get a better visual of what their new website will look and feel like. More importantly, it also allows the clients to give any crucial feedback on the layout of the custom website before we go into design.

For our team, website wireframing is a great way to ensure the site will be consistent through all of the pages. We want your users to have a great experience when they click through your site, which will raise their chances of wanting to do business with you.

Website users quickly decide whether they like your website within the first few seconds. Our goal is to keep them engaged, so they will have the desire to continue learning more about your business and diving into your content.

We spend a great deal of time on research during this process, because we want to make sure your website is going to be a leader in your industry. We find the best website designs and figure out how we can exceed them. Our design team lives for the research and creativity of this process, because they love being challenged to create a design that is unlike anything else.


Here is a graphic to show the wireframing process between you and our team!


Website wireframes