For many B2B companies, creating a demand gen strategy is black and white. It typically looks something like this: determine your budget, create your ads, and wait. Oftentimes, it results in weak messaging and more importantly, lackluster creative. 

When creative is an afterthought in the design process, your ads and social posts do not create the highest ROI. Opportunity is created through a strategy that focuses on targeting, brand awareness, and thoughtful creative designs. 

While there hasn’t been much room for creativity in B2B marketing, now is the time to give your company an edge to the competition. Here’s why creative impacts ad performance - 

1. Your customers will eventually experience ad fatigue, and ad performance will decrease.

Plan accordingly by working with your design and content team to create a large bank of digital ad creative that you can pull from. If you have a large digital media budget, re-invest some of it into making sure creative and copy is readily available while the campaigns are running.

2. Cohesive design in brand & voice guidelines will position you as a trusted brand within your category.

Creative and messaging not in alignment with corporate branding prevents your audience from seeing a cohesive and familiar story on places like your website and landing pages. We see many B2B software companies prioritize speed to get campaigns up and running. Digital ad creative and landing pages get thrown together quickly which causes branding and messaging to look fragmented across all digital assets.

3. Good creative and messaging will drive intended results as long as targeting and placement are done correctly.

These are not mutually exclusive. You can have the most dialed in targeting and placement but still fail to get engagement if creative and messaging are poor. Great digital ad creative and messaging won’t overcome bad targeting characteristics that are not hitting your ideal customer profile. 

One of the main reasons why B2B marketing fails is because creative does in fact impact ad performance. From a demand marketer’s perspective, creative is something that has to get done in order to execute the perfect strategy. Creative and messaging quality is sacrificed when we place a higher priority on strategy. The best strategy will fail if we don’t take advantage of the positive business results that good creative and messaging provide.

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