FUN FACT: Before Motion Tactic found its home in Tempe, we worked out of coffee shops around the valley. They were the perfect place to get some work done. Once our team rapidly began to grow, we knew we couldn’t continue to take anymore client calls in noisy coffee shops.

This blog post is special to us, because in those early months of Motion Tactic, we discovered some of the best places for coffee and productivity. Almost everyone in our office loves a good cup of coffee, so it comes as no surprise that everyone pitched in to add their favorites to the list.

Peixoto Coffee

Family owned and absolutely delicious. Peixoto is a downtown Chandler gem, and people all over the valley will make the drive to try their brews. Tyler, our cofounder, recommends the nitro cold brew!


Peixoto Coffee Motion Tactic best coffee in the Phoenix valley

Photo cred: @peixotocoffee

Royal Coffee Bar

With several locations throughout the valley, you have no excuse to not try Royal. Their spaces are really cozy and designed really well. They are all in great locations, so grab a coffee and walk around with it. We recommend the cold brew when you go!

Lux Central

Lux, located in Phoenix, is the place to go for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks. It explains why they are busy at all times of the day. If you find yourself in the area, make your way to Lux for their specialty coffee drinks and chai tea lattes. It provides a great environment to hang out with friends, get some work done, or meet your soulmate.


With two locations in the valley, Provision is a really awesome coffee company who is passionate about connecting the coffee farmers with the community. When you come here, you are drinking coffee with a purpose. You will also get your coffee with fun latte art if you come here. What more could you want?


Provision Coffee Motion Tactic best coffee in the Phoenix valley

Photo cred: @cronenburger


Kream is located inside of FOR THE PEOPLE, which is a local home goods store with curated items. Grab your coffee and either walk around the store or take a seat. Laura recommends either a cappuccino or hot americano when you go! If the store is closed, don’t be sad; they have an outdoor walk up bar that is open for additional hours.


Cartel has locations throughout the valley, as well as in Tucson and Palm Springs. They have the best environment for getting work done (IMO). Whether you get their coffee or their teas, it’s all really tasty. Just make sure you don’t grab your cup of Cartel coffee and bird somewhere, because it will spill all over you. **cough cough, Kyle**


Cartel Coffee Motion Tactic best coffee places in the Phoenix valley



It’s no surprise Press made it onto our list. Between their delicious coffee and chill environment at every location, we love going to Press. They have a great cold brew and iced Chai latte depending on what you’re in the mood for.