10 Best Tacos in Phoenix - Motion Tactic

It’s no secret that we’re all a bunch of foodies in this office. Being a web agency located in the heart of downtown Tempe, we have some of the best places to eat all around us. One tradition that has developed over the past few months is our weekly Taco Tuesday trips we make to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop located directly below us. Taco Tuesday is an easy tradition for us to get behind, which is where the inspiration from this post came from! We’ve collectively created a list of the BEST taco shops in Metro Phoenix, and we want to share that top-secret list with you:


Joyride Taco House

Three people in our office voted for Joyride Taco House, and it’s not difficult to see why. With multiple locations throughout the valley, Joyride is an incredibly popular spot to grab some craft tacos with amazing flavor. One of the pricier options on our list, but completely worth the price (and the wait). Be prepared to wait over an hour for a table if you go on a Tuesday!


Tacos Toro Negro

If authentic Mexican food is your thing, check this place out! The prices are affordable and the food is great. Order at the counter and wait patiently for some of the best food you’ve ever had. This place is out in the west valley, but according to Max, it is completely worth the drive.


Phoenix Burrito House

Like the name states, this place is located in a house in central Phoenix’s Melrose district. The prices are affordable and similar to Tacos Toro Negro, you order at the counter. This place offers a casual setting, and if you go, we’ve heard that the green chili pork is the way to go!

Best Tacos in Phoenix - Motion Tactic


Mr. Mesquite Taqueria

For a real street taco experience, this is the place to go. By street taco, we aren’t kidding. At certain locations, you literally order your food from the sidewalk on the street. This place is the real deal and there are several locations in the valley.


Blanco Tacos & Tequila

As a Fox Restaurant concept, you know this place is going to be good. With a lively environment, Blanco Tacos is a great place to hang with friends and eat good food. They have two locations in the valley, so you can choose a location closest to you. Don’t forget about the delicious cocktails, which go great with your tacos!

Best Tacos in Phoenix - Motion Tactic


Los Taquitos

If you’re looking for quick Mexican food, look no further than Los Taquitos. This place does not disappoint with their tacos. The rice and beans on the side are a must, too. Their green salsa is fantastic and goes great on pretty much everything.


Two Hippies Beach House

Escape Arizona and head to the beach with this taco shop. Located in Phoenix, Two Hippies Beach House gives you the feels of being on the beach and enjoying some fresh tacos. For the full experience, be sure to order the shrimp tacos!

Best Tacos in Phoenix - Motion Tactic


Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

We couldn’t forget the place that brings us together each week. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is located right below our office, and it makes it very convenient to feed our taco cravings. The Tuesday Taco deal is hard to beat. $1.75 per a taco. That might as well be free...

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