We’ve all been on the receiving hand of feedback. Sometimes it’s good, and other times it’s not very helpful. When we receive criticism, the best type of feedback will always be constructive. In our work, we believe feedback is crucial to maintaining a great relationship with our clients. Specifically design feedback.

When you decide to get your website redesigned and developed, it is important to be clear with your agency what it is your business wants and needs out of your new website. In order to guide the design process, we’ve written a blog post on what questions to ask your team before you get your website designed.

There are times when you may not like a certain aspect of your website design, or maybe you don’t like the way the graphic designer made the button look. Regardless of how big or small the feedback is, it is important to provide design feedback.

We want you to be happy with the final product, so it won’t hurt our feelings if you want to make some changes to the design!


design feedback


Graphic & Website Designers and Feedback

So, what happens when you have feedback for your graphic designer? Here are some tips to guide the discussion when you have feedback about your website designs.


1. Be specific with your feedback

Point out the sections, buttons, colors, or backgrounds that don’t particularly appeal to you. It is much easier for a graphic designer to work with specific feedback and deliver an edited website design that works better for your business.


2. Avoid having tunnel vision during the design presentation

It’s easy to get hyper-focused on a specific item that doesn’t appeal to you. If this happens during the presentation of your custom website design, try to look at the full design with a broad perspective. Decide whether the new website design has solved your problems. Is this what your company needs? The minor details can be easily fixed.


3. Point out the good, as well as the not-so-great

As important as feedback is, graphic designers also want to hear what aspects of the website design you do like. This will help them better understand what elements appeal to you, and they will be better equipped on how to change the aspects you don’t like.


4. Try to avoid using broad statements

Phrases such as “this section isn’t very exciting” or “this doesn’t work for me” won’t give our graphic designers enough direction. Rephrasing your feedback as “This section feels difficult to understand/navigate because the buttons don’t look large enough. Can we try this instead?


5. Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings

If you don’t like certain aspects of your custom website design or feel like it doesn’t represent your business properly, we want to hear that. Our graphic designers are professional and do not take negative feedback poorly. It is our goal to make sure your website design is exactly what you are imagining and is a great improvement from your old site.


6. Be open to suggestions or revisions by your designer

Our graphic designers have years of experience in their trade. Their approach may not be the same as yours, but when you trust their process, it allows them to create some really incredible custom website designs. Our last tip is to allow your designer to have creative freedom in the designs. When graphic designers feel restricted, they are less able to deliver their best work.

Let us know if you have any other questions for us in regards to designer feedback! We love our design team, and they were a huge part in writing this blog post. Thank you Roberto and Max for your input!