Strategic Onboarding Diagnostic

What is this service?

The Motion Tactic strategic onboarding diagnostic is a standalone consulting service that analyzes the gaps and identifies opportunities for improving the results generated by your spend on marketing technology systems and branding. This is ideal for businesses who are ready to receive recommendations on what it will take to improve and mobilize strategies for optimizing these systems for new revenue.

Who is it for?

Marketing staff who are interested in evaluating their marketing technology and brand experience to optimize for new revenue generation.

What is the deliverable?

This diagnostic will analyze the current performance of your marketing systems, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations on how to leverage these systems for better business results.

Module 1: Sales Enablement Analysis

  1. CRM - Customer Relationship Management systems provide powerful insights to maintain strategic oversight on client communication. By understanding your outreach and follow-up process, you can better control your results.

    1. Data Audit

    2. Usage Audit

    3. Pipeline Optimization Audit

    4. Integrations Usage

  2. Marketing Automation - Automating your marketing processes will create repetitive tasks to improve lead conversion. Effective systems save you time and resources while demanding dependable outcomes.

    1. Campaign Performance Report

    2. Revenue Generated by Campaign

    3. Lead Event Registration

    4. Nurtured Leads with Recent Activity

  3. Email Marketing - Create targeted, personalized messaging that drives consumers to your products and services. This engagement expands brand awareness to new and existing customers.

    1. Open Rate

    2. Click-Through-Rate

    3. Conversion Rate

    4. List Growth Rate

    5. Number of Unsubscribes

    6. Forwarding and Share Rate

Module 2: Paid & Organic Analysis

  1. SEO - Organic search traffic impacts top of the funnel brand awareness. A focused keyword optimization strategy will build consistent and lasting traffic to your website.

    1. Current SEO positioning evaluation

    2. Competitor keyword mapping analysis

    3. Content optimization report

    4. Technical SEO issues report

  2. Paid Search - Paid Google search and display ads drive bottom of the funnel lead conversions who are ready to take action and engage with your sales team. A well architected paid search campaign will connect your business with users who are performing intent-based searches for the services you provide.

    1. Google AdWords Campaign & AdGroup Audit

    2. Keyword bidding analysis & targeting settings review

    3. AdGroup relevancy review

    4. Keyword match type review

    5. Landing page audit

    6. Display ad creative review

  3. Paid Social Media Paid social campaigns have robust audience targeting capabilities on the social platforms your audience lives on. Implementing successful paid social campaigns requires a deep understanding of your customer persona’s interests and demographics in order to reach the population most likely to engage with you.

    1. Analytics, campaign, and ad set structure review

    2. Audience targeting and exclusions audit

    3. Ad set placements and delivery audit

    4. Ad creative & landing page review

Module 3: Website Analysis

  1. Messaging - Clearly share the narrative of your product and/or service to position yourself as an industry authority. Demonstrating your value is essential for your clients to feel connected and confident in choosing you.

    1. SEO Content Audit

    2. Site Traffic Analysis

    3. Competitor Messaging Audit

  2. Design - Utilize compelling visuals and effective layout to build a powerful brand will give your clients a digital experience they remember. People buy wine because of a pretty label, they will certainly pay attention if your site sparks interest and resonates with their needs.

    1. Analyze visual branding elements

    2. Competitor design audit

    3. ADA compliance review

  3. UX - User Experience defines how users navigate through your site. Your potential customers should be able to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily to achieve desired results.

    1. Heuristic Product Evaluation

    2. Usability Testing

    3. Conversion rate optimization report

    4. Stakeholder Interviews

    5. Google Analytics review

  4. CMS - Your CMS should be flexible, easy to manage, and have a scalable infrastructure. A custom built WordPress website allows us to pair unique design with a custom codebase developed by our team to maximize creative differentiation, ease of publishing, and high performance.

    1. Codebase evaluation

    2. Ease of publishing and editing review

    3. Scalability audit

    4. Hosting & security evaluation

What systems access will you need to provide?

We will need access to all marketing systems as well as a point of contact who can answer any questions we have along the way. We’ll need access to the following items:

  1. Brand Guidelines

  2. Website CMS

  3. Google Analytics

  4. Google Ads

  5. Search Console

  6. CRM System

  7. Marketing Automation/Email Marketing System (if it isn’t tied to the CRM)

How long will it take?

The full diagnostic averages between 4-6 weeks assuming all information is provided in a timely manner and all necessary stakeholders are engaged.


Your marketing budget is between 200K - 1M annually and you have an established marketing point of contact(s).
You have the in-house resources to guide the implementation of our recommendations from the diagnostic.


Full Diagnostic: $25,000 pre-paid. Recommended for companies with established marketing technology systems and strategies.

Individual Segments: $10,000 pre-paid. Recommended for companies that do not have all segments in place or you are only interested in a single segment for evaluation by Motion Tactic.

Steps involved:

  1. Initial meeting, assess if it’s a fit, portion versus whole

  2. Contract acceptance

  3. Survey, login access/credentials

  4. Consult, lay expectations - provide a timeline of the presentations/deliverables for review

  5. Present module 1

  6. Present module 2

  7. Present module 3

  8. For firms interested in engaging with Motion Tactic for implementation of recommendations: 12-month roadmap for engaging with Motion Tactic to implement our recommendations

  9. For firms with in-house marketing resources - Implementation Guidance - 3 months of support following the final diagnostic presentation. Each month we will conduct an hour long consultation to answer any questions and ensure successful implementation.

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