Strategic Onboarding

The real power of a custom website design, marketing strategy, or a branding project is that we are creating something specifically for you. It is bespoke to represent your goals, support your customers, and influence the metrics that you use to determine success. We could not successfully make powerful recommendations without first understanding your business. In service of this goal, we have developed what we call the "Strategic Onboarding" process.


During the sales process, we are working to best understand your needs so we can determine if we are a good fit to serve you and to appropriately price our services. During this time, we aim to get a good understanding of the goals of your organization and where it is headed.

In order for us to provide accurate recommendations for your new website and marketing strategy, we seek to understand your organization in a deeper way. We do this at the very beginning of the relationship by meeting with key organizational stakeholders in leadership and marketing positions. We want to know who your client personas are, your company history and where you are headed, core product and service offerings, primary conversion events you want to implement on the website, and information about your competitive landscape. Once we have been able to understand your business, we are able to recommend solutions for your organization completely tailored to your goals after we conduct the initial consultation.

Creative Questionnaire

At the start of a creative project, our team will send a creative questionnaire to gain insight into your company and to provide our creative with direction based on your goals and preferences. Check out our creative questionnaire here:

Download the Motion Tactic Creative Questionnaire

Independent Research Activities

In order to get an understanding of the current state of your organization and industry, we complete a few activities that we are able to perform independently and can provide us with some insight.

  • Screaming Frog reports: It's a crazy name, we know, but Screaming Frog is an exceptional tool to "crawl" a website in a similar way that Google will crawl a website. It gives us the ability to visualize the content architecture, perform SEO audits, and find content on the website that may not have been obvious at first glance.

  • SEMRush: SEMRush gives us the ability to run SEO and site health audits to let us know we should allocate our efforts to have the biggest impact.

  • Competitor Review: We manually review each of your competitor web and social assets to understand where they are focusing their efforts and how we can help you compete.

Our Recommendation

Once we have a clear understanding of your goals for growth, you business, and you industry, we create strategic recommendations based on all of these factors. When creating recommendations, we categorize recommendations based on their contribution to a smaller, more immediately attainable goal. Here are some examples of categories that our recommendations would fall into:

  • Get attention

  • Demonstrate how you solve your customers’ problems

  • Reduce perceived risk of purchasing or switching

  • Demonstrate your expertise or capability

  • Help customers find information that they need to make decisions

  • Create conversion opportunities