Billing and Pricing

Let's talk numbers! How much does a website or the execution of a digital marketing strategy cost?
Well... it depends. At Motion Tactic we are always seeking to satisfy two billing and pricing goals:

  1. Understand everything we can to the best of our ability before offering a price

  2. Deliver every bit of value that we can back to our clients

Our engagements typically take one of three forms and, over time, may evolve.

Flat rate bid

We offer a flat rate bid on projects that have a well-defined scope and reasonably well-defined start and end dates. Website redesign and development, branding, and SEO technical optimization are all examples of activities where we have the ability to define a limited scope of work and reasonably estimate how much time it will take take to complete the work. To assist us in creating flat rate quotes, we use historical job data, consultative sessions with you, and various software tools to evaluate the complexity of your existing website in the case of a website redesign and development project. As a matter of policy, we always bill and collect a 40% deposit before we begin a new flat rate website project, 30% when we present full designs (approximately halfway through the project), and the final 30% when the website is on our staging environment prior to going live.

Fixed Rate Recurring

In the cases where we are able to define a clear scope of our activities but not a well defined end date to our services, we may recommend a fixed rate recurring agreement. Fixed rate recurring agreements work very well for ongoing services such as content strategy and paid advertising. In both cases, we can clearly define the activities that we will perform in order to support your marketing strategy, but they require an ongoing effort in order to manage campaigns and create assets. Fixed rate recurring agreements typically require a three-month commitment and are measured by a set of agreed upon deliverables, not the usage of hours.

Time and Materials Agreements

While we don’t typically create time and materials agreements with new clients, they serve as a powerful tool for us to support our existing clients with ongoing needs. Time and materials agreements are billed up front and in full for a set amount of hours that we bill against. Once the hours have been consumed, we submit a new invoice for client approval. Time and materials agreements help us support clients who need quick turnaround on daily design and development tasks and want to spend less time reviewing scopes and navigating the approvals process.

Rate and Minimums

Agency Rate: $130 per hour

While we don’t have strict minimums on project budgets, we do use historical data to inform future project bids. These figures are not intended to serve as a quote but to help you understand our minimum time investment in order to create valuable outcomes.

  • Custom website redesign and development typically takes a minimum of 300-400 hours of design, development, quality assurance, and project management time.

  • Digital marketing services typically require a minimum of 40-60 hours per month in order to create value. Additional budget is required for ad spend.

  • Time and materials agreements can vary dramatically based on the amount of ongoing support needed. A minimum commitment of 40 hours per month is required for an ongoing support agreement.

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