This year, we’ve been hard at work building new relationships with companies across industries that share a similar perspective with us on what their website should represent. We want to work with other organizations to build a website that they are proud of. One of these organizations is Vivid Financial Management located in Central California. Vivid is unique in that they offer a suite of financial services from small business financial consulting to legacy preparation. We love their outlook on client relationships as well. Vivid is all about creating successful outcomes for their clients and you can really feel that sentiment when you meet with them.

One of the areas they were looking to improve on was how they visually communicated their value to the market. We worked with Vivid to understand the vision they had for their website and branding, and then we planned out how we could create something engaging for their audience. The website design fits the Central California environment while incorporating animations that help explain the services that Vivid offers and how they work together to help people holistically manage their wealth. Vivid also thought it would be beneficial for users to have tools available to them to help them make better decisions. With this in mind, our design and development team built investment, loan, and mortgage calculators that allow users to plug in their information and produce real-time results.



In addition to the new website, we also worked with Vivid to create an updated logo. We designed a modern, forward thinking logo ideal for a financial services firm. Vivid’s services fall under the umbrella of investment management, accounting services, and estate planning. We created a logo that exemplifies these three service offerings in a way that represents Vivid’s brand accurately.




We strived for a website and logo design that truly reflected what it’s like to work with Vivid and the creative minds and atmosphere that they have. We have enjoyed working with their team to produce something that shows off our creative design and development skill set while delivering a brand and website unique to the client. If you’re ever in the central California area, be sure to check out the virtual map we created to showcase Vivid’s favorite local spots!


>> Click here to view their new website! <<


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